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Hello hello!
I've got myself a nice addiction. A Flower crown making addiction.
It all started when I made the flower crown for the wedding. I realised that it wouldn't be the end of my crown making days and this week turned out to be proof of that.
I sat down on monday evening with a large cup of tea and lots of fabric flowers and glued away.
And a few hours later I had this in my hands.
Tadaa! Not really suitable for work days but I had a special occasion in the close future in my mind.
The day after though.
That day I made this Frida Kahlo inspired crown. It wasn't really supposed to be this big, it just sort of happened. I have no occasion for this yet. Hm. Might need to plan something...
On thursday it was was my birthday! And the flower crown sat nicely on my head while I peeled apples for an insanely tasty apple pie. Had some friends over in the evening and rocked my flower crown until bed time.
And then yesterday. My birthday present from my parents was a trip to four big fleamarkets to shop away. This is like my dream come true. I found so many great things! Clothes, a teapot and SO MANY FABRIC FLOWERS I CAN MAKE FLOWER CROWNS FOR EVER!
You have NOT seen the end of my flower crown making days yet...
In july David and I made a weekend trip to Copenhagen. Our plan was to buy lots of alcohol for our wedding but we wanted to have a few nice days there as well. I blogged a little bit about that in a post with iPhone photos but since I took so many photos with my Nikon D80 I wanted to show you those too. So lets take a look at a very nice weekend in july, when the sun was super hot and David's and my wedding was still in the future.
A walk around the theme park Tivoli.
Yeah, baby! Work it!
In this park all the statues had got their lips and genitalia painted pink...
The comfiest shoes in the world, found at the fleamarket in front of the yellow wall in Nørrebro.
Such a simple pleasure: Lie on a wooden deck and watch the water and sun make glitter in the leaves of an intensely green tree.
Last night I had a terrible, terrible nightmare. It was the worst one I've ever had, I think, and I woke up and cried hysterically for over ten minutes. I kept falling back into the dream every time I fell asleep again so I stayed awake most of the night to get away from it. Truly awful. Today I have been feeling such sorrow and grief all day. My brain still hasn't really realised it was only a dream. I find dreams to be so very interesting and I am fascinated how much they can control us even when we are awake and know the difference between dream and reality.
I find it easier if I talk about it and sort of keep reminding my brain that it wasn't real.
I always have very vivid dreams but luckily most of them are just weird and/or funny.
Lets hope tonight will be an especially lovely one.
Oh, and sweet, joyful dreams to all of you!
My mom came to visit me and David this weekend. We had planned for lots and lots of fleamarkets and walking around in the city. The weather prognosis for the weekend had been really bleak with a lot of rain but that turned out to be beautifully wrong because the sun was shining all day, every day.
On my way to the train station to meet up with my mother.
Stopped for half a second to take this picture and noticed afterwards that the toothless man in the middle looked straight at me with that great smile. I love when that happens!
I had to show her Antikhallarna, of course.
And the lilacs had just started to bloom.
When we came home after an entire day walking around town we started with the old jigsaw puzzle I bought at a fleamarket a while ago. This is from the late 50's or early 60's. My mother and I collect these old jigsaw puzzles because they are not at all like the ones they sell nowadays. For one thing, there is no picture on the box so you have no idea how it will turn out. And each and every one of the pieces are different in size and shape.
We moved into the kitchen.
(Please, ignore the paper bags with recycling.)
Just before midnight we were finished. And this is how it looked in the morning light when I had to move it to make room for breakfast. Pretty, isn't it!?
On sunday it was time for Megaloppis! It's a giant annual fleamarket that takes over an entire part of town.
David with sunshine in his eyes.
Protected from sunburnt head.
Stuff everywhere!
Love how this girl had bought a disco ball.
We met up with my dad and a friend of his because they had been in town over the weekend for their annual meetup. Every spring for 43 years now a bunch of old friends have met up in Gothenburg for a party, isn't that great! Here you can see my mom on the picture talking to my dad's friend while dad is buying yet another book, probably.
This man had made a great find!

Now I have to go, Scotland is calling my name!
I mentioned in saturdays blog post that I was going to a big fleamarket on sunday and I thought I should show you what I found.
Two soup bowls that the seller bought in Paris. Glass marbles (to put into my Cage pendants). Two different glass decanters (I have a special project in mind for these. I'll show you all in time). The one in the front is a "Jungfru" (Maiden) designed by swedish designer Signe Persson-Melin. The back one is from IKEA's handmade line.
And then a purple dotted scarf. I love how it's so big for that kind of scarf. It's really hard to find and I'm always searching because I'm a scarf junkie as well as a porcelain junkie.
Wasn't supposed to buy more porcelain but these soup bowls were so pretty and too cheap to say no to. And they are excellent for tea as well (I tried that yesterday).
Lovely marbles! The larger ones are probably too big for necklace pendants but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
Love that there's handles on the sup bowls. So cute! By the way: In Sweden we call the cup handles ears. I just realised I don't know if that is the way you say it in english. Tried to google it but only found close up pictures of human ears. Gross.
What do you call the cup handle in your language? I'm curious!
I really look forward to seeing my project with these decanters come to life.

Oh yeah: David bought something too...
A rusty old axe!

He's one weird guy, my David. But not so weird.
He's planning on maybe using it as a prop in a scary movie.
I hope you're having a nice sunny tuesday. I'm off to meet a friend for lunch before work.
Wearing the purple scarf, actually.

By for now!
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