In the 2019 feature
Annabelle Creation
In the 2017 feature
Annabelle Creation
Lights Out
In the 2016 feature
Lights Out
In the 2013 short
Lights Out
In the 2014 short
Not So Fast
In the 2014 short
Not So Fast
In the 2014 short
Closet Space
In the 2016 short
Closet Space
Attic Panic
In the 2015 short
Attic Panic

Select work:

  • Actor in the feature film Shazam! (2019) by David F Sandberg.

  • Actor in the feature film Annabelle Creation (2017) by David F Sandberg.

  • Actor in the short film Closet Space (2016) by David F Sandberg & Lotta Losten.

  • Actor in the feature film Lights Out (2016) by David F Sandberg for New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.

  • Actor in the horror short Attic Panic (2014) by David F Sandberg & Lotta Losten.

  • Actor in the horror short See You Soon (2014) by David F Sandberg & Lotta Losten.

  • Actor in the horror short Coffer (2014) by David F Sandberg & Lotta Losten.

  • Actor in the horror short Not So Fast (2014) by David F Sandberg & Lotta Losten.

  • Actor in the horror short Pictured (2014) by David F Sandberg & Lotta Losten.

  • Actor in the horror short Lights Out (2013) by David F Sandberg.

  • Actor in the horror short Cam Closer (2013) by David F Sandberg.

  • Acting coach in Wallace Shortfilm (2013) by David F Sandberg. Watch trailer here.

  • One of the co founders and actors of the Gothenburg based theatre group Teater Esther. Productions with Teater Esther:
    Människor i solen 2012
    Sårskorpor 2013
    Perfect Life AB 2014

  • Voice-over in the commercial for ServiceFinder 2012

  • Voice acting in animated shorts by David F Sandberg. Such as:
    Pinigt & Pirrigt
    Solros & Kenneth
    Swede 16

  • Extra in the feature film Cornelis 2010

  • Narrator in the documentary Animera = Göra livlig 2010

  • Videomarathon short film competition 2010. Actor and co-writer. Went through to the second round.


  • Narrator in the documentary Skapaprojektet i Jönköping 2010 by David Sandberg


  • Videomarathon 2009. Actor and co-writer. Out of 260 entrants to the competition, we came in at number 36


  • Narrator in a short films by David Sandberg in the project 9x3, 2008


  • Carnival Cabaret, Lund Carnival, 2006. Including, amongst other things, the seven minute long monologue Självmordskvinnan (‘The Suicide Woman’)


  • Boelspexarna in Lund (Lund University Drama Society) on stage 2004 – 2006. Between 2006-2007 I was part of the script writing team. I was also part of their show group that performed at private events, conferences and so on.


  • Theater Studies Programme, Lund University, where I wrote the thesis Kvinnor med fananamma.
    En analys av Caryl Churchills kvinnosyn i Top Girls inledande scen’ 
    about the female characters in the first scene of Caryl Churchills play Top Girls.

  • I wrote my Bachelor’s paper ‘Den blinda teatern. En analys av radioteaterns särdrag med inriktning på Staffan Göthes Fiskarna på haven.’  I specialized in the feature of radio theatre and especially plays wtitten by swedish play wright Staffan Göthe. For this paper I was awarded a scholarship from the Lund Institute of Literature. 2003-2006


  • Blekinge läns folkhögskola. Theatre acting programme 2001-2003.


  • High shool, Per Brahe gymnasiet, theatre programme 1997-2000.

Extra in feature film Cornelis.
Antigone in the play by the same name.

And the very long ago:

Jönköping’s Theatre Group: where, during high school, I discovered how much fun one can have with theatre.

High School: where I was given the opportunity to choose theatre instead of language for my extra-curricular activity..

…and that I never got a summer job when I was in college, so instead I was able to act during the entire summer holiday as part of Jönköping Council’s holiday work experience scheme.

Select work:

  • Currently writing a horror feature film with David F Sandberg.

  • Cowritten horror shorts with David F Sandberg.

  • Cowritten the screenplay for animated feature film "Vad tyst det blev" (2012) with David F Sandberg built on his short Vad tyst det blev (2006)

  • Cowritten the stage shows "Greta Garbo" (2006) and "Himalayas dotter" (2007) for the group Boelspexarna.

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Published work:

  • Photographer for the CD booklet "Fritiof & grabbarna" (2014) by Peder Losten.

  • Photographer for the book "Peders personer och Åkermans apa" (Isabergs förlag 2012) by Peder Losten.

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