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A couple of weeks ago David and I went to Österlen for a week. We hadn't been to the house since spring so we were really excited to go!
We had a really nice week together with my parents, and as usual my camera was bursting with photos from this lovely place in the south of Sweden.
One day David had to stay home and work, but the rest of us went on a fleamarket trip.
There's so many fleamarkets/antique shops around Österlen in the summertime so you can just drive aimlessly for a while and you will find at least a couple of new ones you didn't know of before. Yes, it's heaven.
This place was a new find for us this summer. Lots of really cool furniture and stuff!
I bought two lampshades, one orange red and one dark green. I had to drag David to that place the day after as well because I knew he would like it too.
And look at that old slide!
After making some good vintage finds you'll need coffee!
We went to Backagården in Löderup.
David and I had been introduced to this place a couple of days earlier by some friends and I had to show my parents since you can't know of enough lovely coffee places.
Ahhh, what a wonderful place!
The pavlova tasted heavenly.
They had a yawny cat there.
He yawned a lot.
Beautiful place!
If you ever happen to be close to Löderup I recommend you to go to Backagården! Looks really dull and small from the outside but then you walk through a few rooms (it feels almost like I imagine walking through the wardrobe to Narnia) and end up in the wonderful green house and garden.
Couldn't get more summer-y than this, right?
After the coffee and cakes our energy levels were pumped for some more vintage shopping!
My dad looked through the place quickly and found a chair outside to check up on his emails or the latest news. The reception at our house is really bad so you kind of have to take the opportunity when it arrives.
The tiny dog to the right was the scariest little shit I've ever seen. It ran towards me with all it's teeth showing, growling. I have about ten photos of it doing some really weird poses were it's impossible to see how the legs are even connected to the body and, hm, where is the head anyway? Terrifying!
In the evening, when David had finished working, we went to Fridens gårdskrog, a pizzeria in the middle of nowhere. David was super excited! Pizza!
Such a cozy atmosphere.
Good looking husband.
Good looking pizza. Tapenad, brie and smoked chicken. So tasty!
And then some coffee after the food.
Back at the house Astor the cat looked good infront of the books.
One evening we sat in our garden and had a little barbeque.
When the golden hour came I took some photos of my dad with flowers behind his ears. I got this great idea in may of making a little photo book with men with flowers in and around their beards, well, now the internet seems to have exploded with flower beards and I feel kind of bummed out. I still want to go through with it though so I might show you some more photos soon.
David in the light.
The flowers ended up behind my ear as well.
My beautiful mother.
My lovely father.
Looking at birds? Who knows.

I have some more photos from Österlen to show you, of a little evening adventure David and I had. I'll be back with those soon.

Hope your week starts of with a really great monday.
Talk to you soon!

After breakfast on sunday David and I went to a huge fleamarket that occurs on the last sunday of May every year. It takes over an entire part of town and anyone who wants to sell off some of their old stuff just picks an empty spot, anywhere they want, in the big neighbourghood Majorna. It's an amazing fleamarket and every year it gets bigger and bigger. This year was absolutely bonkers. There were so many people in some places that it was impossible to get through and you could forget reaching the tables and seeing the stuff for sale.
Here are six photos from a few of the calmer areas. I really wish I had taken a photo of the worst throng of people but when we were in the middle of all that we just wanted to get away from the crowd. It was very sunny so not very good photo conditions but here are at least some nice glimpses.
Majorna is a part of Gothenburg with lots of hipsters, artists, eco friendly shops and cafés. The fleamarket turns into a huge neighbourhood fest and on every corner there's musicians, artists and people selling home made food and desserts. It's wonderful!
This gorgeous lady looked like she was part of a beautiful painting where she stood a bit away from the crowd playing and people watching.
This hilarious dog stod on its hind legs begging for food for such a long time and it's human just smiled and kept eating.
I bought a white oversized shirt and a royal blue 60's jacket. Usually I buy a lot more on fleamarkets like this but it was just too much people and not enough time so two pieces of clothing was the entire haul of the day. Not too bad though.
Pretty dresses everywhere!

Today I've been working on a photo project for my upcoming jewelry collection and it turned out so good! Can't wait to show you, I think you will like it.
Until next time:

Hope you had a nice weekend, I myself got caught by a nasty cold and am currently coughing like crazy. I spend most hours of the day in the couch watching Harry Potter movies but today I've felt the need to do something so I've made a new necklace pendant and now I'm trying the "sitting infront of the computer" thing for a while.
Because! It's time for the second one of my Copenhagen posts!
Saturday. Sunny and lovely Saturday in Copenhagen. Are you ready?
We walked to Nørrebro and checked out the fleamarket along the yellow wall. Last year I found the comfiest shoes I've ever owned at this fleamarket and this year I bought a really nice leather bag for almost no money.
The wall covers the big cemetery Assistens that I'd heard a lot about and since I'm a huge fan of cemeteries it was a definite must to pay it a visit.
It was such a lovely spring day and the moment we stepped inside it felt so peaceful and quiet around us.
Almost like a fairytale. I love how this cemetery was sort of wild grown. Large like Östra Kyrkogården (close to where we live) but so much more uncontrolled and rugged.
I matched the tree roots perfectly.
Beautiful wall!
Look! Wild and uncontrolled and so very dramatic and beautiful!
Things were left to grow together.
Someone took the opportunity to nap at the same time as his baby.
When we came back outside it was time to go in search for a café.
We found The Laundromat Café where David was happy to see they had vanilla milkshakes on the menu.
We were so incredibly tired and the pollen amount was affecting us both so we had hayfever too. We just sat there for quite some time to get the energy back.
Coffee and croissant for me.
Such a tired lady! I look so different here. Puffy eyed pollen hater, thats me!
We made our way across the bridge again after a while.
Lots of people on bicycles! Such a sure sign of spring.
Walked through the same park as we did last year.
And took a photo at the same place as well. Ah, we're creating traditions!

When we came back to the hotel we fell asleep for a couple of hours and then we went to a restaurant in the evening but the camera got to stay at the hotel so no pictures from that.

It was a really nice and cozy day and I'm so glad I got to see the Assistens cemetery because it was so beautiful! We even got to see the graves of H C Andersen and Sören Kirkegaard. Fascinatingly enough those graves weren't particularly interesting looking though. Too clean and proper and therefore, in my eyes, more boring.

I'll be back with the third, and last, Copenhagen post soon I hope. All depending on how this stupid cold progresses.

Until then:
Hej hej!
Sometimes good photos end up in a folder on my hard drive without seing the light of blog (he he, see what I did there?) and that just makes me sad. Those moments in time were worth so much to me that I had to take a photo of them but then I just forgot about them afterwards. Kind of silly maybe but as a person who writes a diary every single day it makes perfect sense to me to feel the same way about my photos. They need to be blogged. In february I made my first What was left behind post for exactly this purpose, to reach back in time and fetch those moments worth remembering.
Today it's time for the memory worthy snippets of life between March and November 2013.
It was Easter and David and I visited our families in Jönköping. David was being interviewed by the local newspaper about his film Ladyboy being featured at the filmfestival Cinequest in California and while he was meeting the reporter I walked around the cemetery right next to the newspaper office and took some photos.
It was cold but sunny and I remember my hands were freezing but I didn't care because it was such a beautiful day and I just wanted to take photos!
The leaves on the trees stayed away for a few more weeks.
My parents had a beautiful orchid in their window and I took so many photos of it in the crisp light.
Close up orchid pattern.
In Gothenburg the fleamarket season started. Some sellers were more morbid than others...
On the other side of the fence.
Sometimes David had to stand being photographed while choosing cookies in the grocery store.
Frida, the director of Teater Esther, on one of our production meetings with all her important things within reach.
This is me on my first day as married I think. We were staying at Österlen for a week for a mini honeymoon.
And this is from the same day as when we were taking photos of our wedding pocket watches.
One evening sitting in front of our computers writing, drinking wine left over from the wedding and on the table sits a vase of flowers that was part of the table decorations on our wedding.
We went in to Simrishamn one day and visited the fleamarket. This is David when he tries to look fierce. I was taking photos of something else and then he photobombed my view and walked towards me with this very determined face and I had trouble taking this without laughing hysterically. That made him try even harder.
It was "Sillens dag" (day of the herring) in Simrishamn. We didn't know there was such a day before this but as Simrishamn is a fishing town it was herring bonanza that day. Every restaurant served their best herring meal and in the docks they had put up stands with vendors selling fried herring with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. It is very tasty and very swedish!
Ooooh soft serve with sprinkles!

Oh, and the people in the background looks a bit like aliens!
At another fleamarket. David found a drawer filled with old dentist tools and he of course thought Scary Movie Props and started to look at Every Single One of them.
Look how happy he is!
I found another interesting drawer. The label says "Rope's ends. Too small to use but good to have". They also have a drawer filled with mismatched jigsaw puzzle pieces. Love this place!
Hej hej!
I found this beautiful pocket watch display thingy and really wanted it but it was a little dented and way too pricey. But you can see my eyes glowing with want.
David among stuff.
David meets a new friend.

Oh, and look at that butt! (Sorry David, don't mean to objectify you. Much.)
In October it was theatre month and I had to bake cookies for the intermission of the play we performed. I was in sweet company of Moomins and rosé wine.
Flour on my nose and wine in my hand and music cranked up loud on the stereo.
The result in cookies.
They tasted like heaven.
A breakfast in november.
Toast with tahini (It needs to be of the organic brand Monki because there is just non like it. Tastes like peanut butter!) and banana. And coffee with milk in a pitcher.
Hot tea in my work room window. This is the cup that I told you about the other day, the one that is broken now. So sad.

And that was all for now.

Until next time:
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