My mom came to visit me and David this weekend. We had planned for lots and lots of fleamarkets and walking around in the city. The weather prognosis for the weekend had been really bleak with a lot of rain but that turned out to be beautifully wrong because the sun was shining all day, every day.
On my way to the train station to meet up with my mother.
Stopped for half a second to take this picture and noticed afterwards that the toothless man in the middle looked straight at me with that great smile. I love when that happens!
I had to show her Antikhallarna, of course.
And the lilacs had just started to bloom.
When we came home after an entire day walking around town we started with the old jigsaw puzzle I bought at a fleamarket a while ago. This is from the late 50's or early 60's. My mother and I collect these old jigsaw puzzles because they are not at all like the ones they sell nowadays. For one thing, there is no picture on the box so you have no idea how it will turn out. And each and every one of the pieces are different in size and shape.
We moved into the kitchen.
(Please, ignore the paper bags with recycling.)
Just before midnight we were finished. And this is how it looked in the morning light when I had to move it to make room for breakfast. Pretty, isn't it!?
On sunday it was time for Megaloppis! It's a giant annual fleamarket that takes over an entire part of town.
David with sunshine in his eyes.
Protected from sunburnt head.
Stuff everywhere!
Love how this girl had bought a disco ball.
We met up with my dad and a friend of his because they had been in town over the weekend for their annual meetup. Every spring for 43 years now a bunch of old friends have met up in Gothenburg for a party, isn't that great! Here you can see my mom on the picture talking to my dad's friend while dad is buying yet another book, probably.
This man had made a great find!

Now I have to go, Scotland is calling my name!
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