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I'm going to close my shop for a while. I don't know for how long yet; it might be just a few weeks, it might be longer.
Big changes are happening (sorry for the secrecy but I hope I will be able to tell you more in just a little while) and keeping the shop open will be very difficult for the time being.
Anyhow. I would love for the shop to go out with a bang before I'm putting it in "Vacation mode" and I thought a huge sale would be a fun way of doing that.
I'm offering a whopping 30% off every order in my shop with coupon code SUPER15
and the code will be valid up until wednesday (march 25).
So the only smart thing to do here really, is to hop on over and snatch your favourites before anyone else does!
Every single piece of jewelry in my shop is unique, and made by me with no other tools than my hands. So once something is sold it's gone forever.

Hope you find something you love, and feel free to spread the word! It would be very helpful and I would be so grateful!

It's time for me to release what is This Growing Collection!
I have worked so long and hard on this and I'm so happy to finally be able to show you all!
This Growing Collection is the name of my collection of leaf necklace pendants inspired by nature's very own jewelry pieces.
As the name suggests, this collection is growing; more leaves will join in and every single one of them will be absolutely one of a kind. Like every single leaf ever grown.

Directed, sung and performed by Lotta Losten.
Filmed and edited by David F. Sandberg.
When I started working on This Growing Collection I got the idea of making a little video for the release. A little glimpse into how I see the work that I do.
And also, I've come to realise that all my creative sides mash together and that is how I want it to be. This little video is a combination of many things I love to do.
And you get to hear me sing.
I admit, I'm a bit nervous about that because it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Not sing per se, because that I've done all my life (both in shows and in my shower), but put my singing in video form on the internet just for the joy of it. I've never done that before.
I very much hope you like it.
And here are some photos from my photoshoot with the wonderful Ida-Lisa.
Model: Ida-Lisa Lundqvist
Photo: Lotta Losten
You'll find all these leaves, and many more, in my etsy shop and, as I mentioned earlier, more will come over the weeks.
I'm also open for custom orders if you see a leaf in the right shape but wrong colour, or if you want beads on a leaf that are without them. Just send me a convo on etsy or email me at and I'll make the perfect leaf for you.
This Growing Collection is officially RELEASED!

Happy dancing
/Lotta Losten
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it's lottalosten.coms 6th birthday today! Hurrah!

Every year on this date since the very beginning in 2008 we've celebrated together with a giveaway and who am I to stop this glorious tradition?!
Model: Ida-Lisa.
Lime Leaf Pendant.
This year I'm taking the opportunity to give you a combined sneak peek and a chance to be one of the very first people to own a piece from my brand new, not yet released, collection!

So let's start with letting you in on the secret that is This Growing Collection!
Oak Leaf Pendant.
A late summer/autumn collection of Leaf Necklace Pendants all inspired by natures own jewelry pieces: Leaves!

Every single one of these leaf pendants are completely one of a kind and made by my hands.
This Growing Collection will be officially released in my etsy shop on monday august 11th.
Lime Leaf Pendant.
And so to the giveaway!

Up for grabs is: A Leaf Necklace Pendant (chain included) from This Growing Collection.
The pendant will be custom made for the winner!
The possible style choices are Lime, Oak, or Avocado leaf (seen in pictures) and can be made in almost any color.

The winner will be randomly picked from a hat/teacup/shoe/other container of some kind on tuesday july 1.
Avocado Leaf Pendant.

Write a comment to this post letting me now what kind of leaf you would like to win and why.

For extra entries you can:

• Like my facebook page.

• Favourite my shop on etsy.

• Tweet about this giveaway. "Win a Leaf necklace pendant by @lottalosten on"

• Follow me on instagram (@lottalosten)

Please write each additional entry in separate comments.
And don't forget to leave your email adress so I can contact you if you should be the lucky winner!

This giveaway is open until tuesday july 1st at noon (CET) and the winner will be randomly picked and announced at around 2 pm the same day.


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I am so excited! I have been dying to show you these pictures and it's only been two days since I took them.
My friend Ruby came over on monday to model some of my large necklaces. I've been thinking for quite some time that my necklaces from the Tangled Triangle- and Irregular Pieces series would look so great in a rougher and edgier styling and since I love to use my friends as models I started to think who would fit the profile. Ruby, of course!
She lives, and studies, in Uppsala, a town quite far from Gothenburg, so I had to wait for Ruby to come here. And finally it happened!
And Oboy, this was a match made in heaven!
My necklaces looked so good on Ruby and she managed to get my idea perfectly and - I mean just look at her!

Most of these necklaces you'll find in the
necklace section of my etsy shop and the ones that aren't there yet will pop up there soon, I promise.

I am so happy with these photos, and I hope you like them too! Doesn't she look awesome?!

I have been keeping myself busy this week even though my cold has kicked in for a second round (Oh yay!). Yesterday I had a completely different, but equally great, photoshoot with my friend Ida and I hope to be ready to show you those photos soon too.
They will be a part of the release of my new collection so I'm really excited to show you all!

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