5 reasons why you should use coupon code SPRINGTIME14 to get 15% off on everything in my shop.
1: With spring and summer comes the outdoor parties and a couple of colourful dangly earrings are the perfect accessory for those occasions.
2: Your friends and/or family are graduating high school/college/university and what have you. What would be a splendid gift to said family and/or friend? - A unique necklace that the person will feel is a both gorgeous and thoughtful present.
3: You have seen a necklace pendant that you love and absolutely can't live without.
4: Birthdays. People are having birthdays and those people would look lovely in a cool necklace, wouldn't they?
5: It is good to support handmade and small businesses that are not huge corporations that produce their items in factories with awful working conditions.

So there you have it.
Pop on over and give yourself and/or someone lovely a completely one of a kind piece of jewelry!
And don't forget to use the code SPRINGTIME14 during checkout to receive 15% off your entire order. The code is valid through may 15 on everything in my shop.


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