Hello, Hej, Hi, Hallå!
Summer came to Gothenburg like it was in an extreme hurry. It's so warm and green and wonderful!
A little over a week ago it had just turned spring though and David and I were in my family's house in Rörum, Österlen for a couple of days.
We did what we always do when we're there: went for a walk to check on "our" tree where we got married (8 months ago now!) last summer.
Let's take a walk, shall we?
Outrun by a hen.
Hello Lonely Tree!
Obligatory self timer photos of us.
My hair is all over the place, David's too.
Cutesy husband being all adorable.
Raunchy wifey being all climby.
Cut to dreamy photos of pretty tree blossom.
Well, hello there!
We walked to the waterfall Forsamölla and looked at it from above. (Here you can see some pictures I took of the waterfall a couple of years ago)
This blurry photo is of David when he almost fell off a rock while filming me screaming my Vårskrik (Scream of spring, from the book and movie Ronja Rövardotter by Astrid Lindgren). It's a must, to scream for spring once every year. Now you know.
Backsippa! Dont know the english word for it.
See our tree in the distance? And the greenhouse in the middle is where we had our wedding reception. Wonderful place!
Say Hi to Astor the cat. He has one crooked whisker.
And he is a bit tired of me taking photos of him...

So that was all from Österlen this time.
Today I have lots to do and I've already checked off a bunch of things on the list. Yaay me!
Hope your weekend was splendid. Mine was! It included beer with my friends in Teater Esther, walks, lunch at a café in the sun with David, LOTS of jewelry making, an evening run over the cemetery and MANY MANY episodes of my latest tv series addiction Lost Girl (A bit like a cross of Buffy the vampire slayer, the X-files and Supernatural with great female characters and I LOVE how they don't fall into too many gender stereotypes. Oh, and how it depicts sexuality is GREAT! Can you tell I'm hooked?)

Well, that was all from me today.
Have a fabulous week, dear friends and readers!

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