Time for a shop update after the holidays. I made quite a few pieces before christmas that have been lying here waiting to be photographed. Earlier in the week I started the work of taking photos of them all and listing them in the shop one after the other.
It always feels so good to fill up the shop with new jewelry pieces after a busy time. Here's a few photos of the new stuff that you can find in my etsy shop right now.

I have been working the entire weekend at my other job, still feeling a little bit under the weather. I hope to shake off the last bits of the cold in the coming days with lots of tea and sit dancing in my desk chair. On that note: One of my favouite tea cups started to squeek and crackle today! It's a very large cup and was filled with several deciliters of tea and I noticed that it was a huge crack around the handle. So scary to think if that steaming hot tea would have sploshed all over me if the handle had broke!
I definitely need a new teacup. Yes, I like to see the good in everything.

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