Hello! I'm back with the promised Christmas post!
I have been sick for a few days and haven't left the sofa much so it feels great to be up and energized again.
I took a lot of photos this christmas, mostly of my nephew and niece since they are both adorable and seems to love the camera. When they grow up there are going to be so many photos of them that I can use as bribes and/or extortions. Can't wait!
Well let's get on with it then! Here's my christmas in photos:
David and I didn't have a christmas tree because we always spend our holiday in the town Jönköping where we grew up. My parents always have a very nice tree though so I get to look at that.
My nephew Alfred seems to be all about the working out. If he continues like this he's going to be completely made out of muscles in only a few years. Hope not, I won't be having anything to talk to him about if that happens. I'll be the aunt forcing him to the theatre, concerts and feeding him with cakes to counteract all this fitness madness.
Here he is posing infront of the christmas tree.
Mulled wine and gingerbread cookies at three o'clock when all of Sweden gathers infront of the tv to watch snippets from Disney cartoons. This is such a weird thing. Nobody really cares about it anymore but it's a more important tradition than christmas food so nobody dares question it. Well, no not really, my family hasn't watched it for years now but since there are wild kids in the house now it seemed like a good idea.
Then Santa came! Well, my dad really but don't tell Hilda and Alfred.
Astor the cat got ribbons. Oh, and Hilda turned into Pippi Longstocking.
(By the way, if you look closely you can see that Astor has a big birthmark inside his mouth.)
Hilda Longstocking was excited/happy/a bit scared.
Astor was looking with jealousy and longing at Alfreds ribbon. Or maybe he was just impressed with Alfreds ribbon skills. Who knows.
Pippi-Cat Longstocking with her Mamma Mu book in hand. Why stick to ONE character when you can be all at once?
Oh my. I need to have this photo on my wall.
Photo by David.
Alfred laughing at one of my sublime jokes.
Photo by David.
And this, as you can see, is what happens when you blow air into Alfreds head.
Then Hilda made Kladdkaka.
She had the bowl for herself.
Look. At. That. Face.
Heh, Auntie Lotta is one crazy paparazzi.

So that was my christmas!
Today I will actually get to see these two ragruts again since they are in Gothenburg for the week.
But before that I have one banana cake to bake and some necklace pendants to list in my shop.
Hope you have a nice wednesday, see you again soon!

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