Hello everybody!
I have to show you some photos from last wednesday when we were in the old Papyrus factory. We were there to film David's shortfilm Wallace but I had one more reason for the trip there. I had brought my friend Hanna with me to be my model wearing my latest jewelry pieces. This had been my dream for so long and it felt really amazing to finally be there with such a gorgeous model as Hanna and be able to capture her, my jewelry and this fantastic place all at once.

I could have used more than a few hours, I could have been there every day for weeks and not feel completely done with the place, but the photos turned out amazing and I'm just so eager to show you all of them. Soon. Today is just a small sneak peek and some behind the scenes photos from both the photoshoot and our day filming, but I promise you the full post will be up in just a few days.

Lets start with some behind the scenes photos, shall we?
Spotted photo worthy details everywhere. Like this feather...
...I think I returned to it at least five times during the day, it was just laying there so perfectly!
This room took my breath away.
And the pipes had plants peeking out of them.
This was also the room where I took the most photos of Hanna in. The light was gorgeous and the space was just made for a photoshoot like this.
Later in the afternoon, Claes the producer checks the shotlists to see what we have left to film.
I found a ladder and climbed it. David took photos of the room to use in visual effects later.
Sometimes it was hard to keep a straight face...

Hanna was such a great model and I definitely want to use her more in the future. We are part of the same theatre group and it's always extra fun to work with someone I know well because then goofiness like this can happen and make the atmosphere relaxed and joyful.

One of the really great things with Hanna is her facial expressions. Calm but intriguing, dramatic without being over the top. Absolutely stunning.
Here are two sneak peeks to show you a bit of what you can expect to see in the large post coming soon.
It was like a paradise of backdrops. I wish I could just tear some of the walls down, take them with me and put them in our apartment for everyday use.
I only used the natural light seeping in through windows and cracks in the walls. I love to work like that, use what I have and find ways to amplify the atmosphere using nothing but what I can find around me in the moment. Like when the sun all of a sudden painted a circle of light on the floor and made for a perfect spotlight for Hanna to stand in.

I hope you feel intrigued and excited to see more, because I can't wait to show you the rest! In just a few days hopefully...
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