Last thursday I spent a few hours in the park Trädgårdsföreningen with my sister and niece who was in Gothenburg over the week.
I love Trädgårsdföreningen, I know I go on and on about it, and this was my first visit there for this year. It was sunny and lovely and it was good I brought my camera with me. I'll show you.
My standard Trädgårdsföreningen picture. First one with snow I think. Last year spring came a lot earlier. See this post from march 24. It was so warm for the season and now it's the other way around.
After some fika we went to Palmhuset (Palm house) to enjoy some nice weather. I love greenhouses!
They had made the garden even prettier with crocheted fantasy fruits and flowers hanging from the trees. Beautiful!
The statue was covered in frogs. I love this statue, it's so sweet.
In the water house the pond is covered with green.
Sunshine through leaves must be one of the best things in the world.
My niece Hilda wanted to dive into the pond. She was hanging like this for quite some time.
It was not very popular when we decided it was enough with the water room...
Reflections on the pond. Water, roof, glass, plants. Lovely shapes.
Tiny leaves huddling together.
It was a jungle!
Tiny person climbing the stairs, little hands taking support from a brick wall.
View from above.
I found a hidden message.
Hilda found another pond.
Don't usually like to edit my photos like this but that red jacket just screamed to me to try. What do you think?
I kind of like it but I think I still like the full colours better.
On the tram, on our way back. She is one cute little person.
Look how she's posing! Haha!

Today I'm off from work. I've got lots to do with my own business so I'd better get to it now.
Hope you have a lovely first day of the week. Mondays aren't so bad when you've been working the weekend.
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