One evening a few months ago I decided I wanted to make something extra fancy. A necklace larger than any other necklace I've ever made. It was going to be spectacular, I said to myself.
Many nights later I was kind of pissed at myself for committing to such a large project but I kept on working and working and repeting over and over again "this is going to be my most pricey necklace ever, who will afford it? The Sultan of some far away country? Well I don't care I have to finish it!"
And I did.
Model: Hanna Johansson.
The necklace will be listed in my shop in a few days for the price of $169 (1100 kr).

I sure won't make a lot of these babies but if you are interested in something similar I do take custom orders. But order early because they do take a lot of time to make.

Now I'm off to my second job but check back later today because I will show you all about my weekend at the Way out west festival!
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