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Today's Postcard of the Week is one I found when we were in USA back in november. I think it is the best combination of beautiful and weird.
Man: But mother, I don't want pink flowers! Why are you picking pink flowers for my birthday bouquet? Pink is for girls! I'm a man!

Woman: Oh, stop it! Don't be such a wuss! It's a colour, you don't need your genitals to enjoy the beauty of a colour.

Hehe. You can hear how whiny he sounds, right?

And you know what? The sun is shining! Better get outdoors before it disappears again!

Talk to you soon again.

I've always been a collector and I probably always will be. What I'm collecting though changes through time. If you ask me today I would say I collect old teapots, vintage clothes, hats, old postcards and photos of strangers and probably at least ten other things.
When I was a kid I collected pretty stationary, stamps, The Little Mermaid stickers and erasers.

Today when I cleaned out my desk drawers I found a cigar box and I looked at it for a while trying to remember what on earth could be in it. When I opened it I let go of a tiny laugh. One of those fond little giggles that slip out when you all of a sudden look at something from another time of your life and you get a flood of emotions that seem to have been stored in that little box since way back when.
I remember these erasers so well. I loved that little book even though it was absolutely rubbish as erasers go. That wasn't the point of it though. They were pretty and I could have them in my pen case in school and it was almost like having a little treasure with me everyday that I could fool the teachers into thinking they were just erasers, nothing more. Not pretty little tresaures to look fondly at when I was bored out of my mind in math class.
Then I found another collection but that is one that hasn't been planned. I didn't even know I had it.
Coins from around the world.
I have always liked to keep the coins left over from trips or given to me by my parents when I was a child but it was not a concious decision to start collecting coins. It just sort of happened along with life.
I used to store them in a little copper tin, that I made in school when I was 14, but the coins won't fit in it anymore and today when I looked through my drawers I found coins in every single drawer. From lots of different countries! Not worth much but still: coins!
I felt like Pippi Longstocking!

Two newfound treasures in one day.
That's a good start of the weekend, if I say so myself.
Time for a Two Two Two (+ bonus Two Two because I'm the worst at limiting myself).

Two of extreme green:
One from a walk into town through a lovely green park, and one from an evening run over the cemetery when it was finally raining after a few days of complete headache infusing heat wave.
Two things I ate:
One home made noodle soup that tasted a little bit like heaven, and one slice of cake eaten at work a saturday while the half marathon Göteborgsvarvet was going on right below the balcony.
Two of me wearing the same vintage dress while doing the same very relaxed pose.
One with mustard yellow socks and sunglasses and one without the mustard yellow socks and sunglasses. It's all in the details, folks.
Two still life photos with my grandmothers old scarf as background:
One with a very fragile leaf, and one with one of the Leaf pendants from my new collection.
Two pictures of parts of my forever growing vintage porcelain collection:
One of the kitchen cabinet with all my many teacups and one of the shelves containing some of my teapots. Yes, SOME. I'm clearly a tea pot addict.
Two of me on my way to vote.
One of me sniffing the rhododendron and one with a smile as wide as my face.
Like most of you probably now, yesterday was the big election for the European Parliament. As a very proud and loud feminist I was so happy to see that the wonderful feminist party F! got seats in the parliament but at the same time there's such a wave of sadness and fear because of the many racist- and nazi parties that also made their way into EU. I just can't understand how it all seems to happen again, that these hateful, ignorant and extremely stupid people get so many votes. Haven't we learned from the past? Are people really this stupid?
I hope what we see now is the last kick and that it will turn soon because we need more love, equality and acceptance in this world, not more hate, closed mindedness and bigotry.

Well, that was all from me today. I hope to blog soon again because a week inbetween posts is just not okay, right?

Hey everybody!
As you probably know I really love to buy old photos and postcards and I found some lovely ones in USA when we were there.
Here's three photographs I found in two different vintage/antique shops.
I'm so curious about these people. I wonder who they were and what kind of things they loved, hated, dreamt of.
This couple is very intersting to me. At first I thought it was two boys but I'm not so sure anymore. They look sort of scared and like they don't know what's happening. They probably weren't too used to having their photo taken but it seems to be something more, don't you think?
I don't think they are related because their faces look so different. Maybe they are friends, but the way they link their arms is so unpersonal and stiff it feels like they've been told to stand like that.
I can't stop looking at them. I wish there was a way to know more but on the other hand that's what makes it such a lovely mystery.
They will be living with me now and I'll make up a story for them, little by little until I have their whole life stories clear in my mind.
Look at this beautiful woman! She's so graceful and pretty. She looks a bit asian, don't you think? I love how she's posing with one hand behind her back, looking so serious. Her face is almost doll like.
I think it's interesting that she's wearing glasses as well. I just realised I don't think I've seen many photos of women with glasses from this time period. By the look of the house I'm guessing she was fairly rich and that might explain the glasses.
She makes me want to write a book based only of this photo.
And the last photo. Such a serious couple. On the back of this photo it says GRANGER AND YOUNG Photographers, 84 Owego street, Ithaca, N.Y.
The dress the woman's wearing looks so heavy! And the man looks really angry and like he's about to say something. His lips are slightly parted and he seems to be looking away, unlike the woman who's looking straight into the camera. See how she's pressing her teeth together. So focused and stiff!
The more I look at them I feel like the woman was a really sweet person but I'm not so sure about the man. Maybe he's just confused about something, haha.
The golden light is filling my apartment right now. Soon the light will be so bright I won't be able to see the computer screen unless I turn the blinds.
I have been cleaning and decluttering these last two days. It must be the spring, making me want to clean so badly. It's still a lot to do because it was so long overdue.
It feels really nice to be able to see the rooms again and not just the clutter.
I long for tulips on the kitchen table, open balcony doors (we have two) and the smells and sounds of spring time.
It won't be long now.
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