I want to set off endless chains of events, I want to ask if we can be friends.
The world is opening up, and so is my heart, my wants, my dreams.
Once there was a broken piece of china that made hopes come true.
That something so small and seemingly insignificant could be the unexpected catalyst in creating something huge, why does it come as such a surprise?

Do not discredit the size of a seed.

Random little things will lead to life altering stuff and there is no predicting coincidence.
Now I ask myself: If there is power in little pieces of something that used to be whole, is there an end to how much can come from something broken?
How far back can I trace the big moments in my life?
Be a little brave and see major things come from it.
Be a little brave, and the ‘little’ will grow into courage.

There’s a link of sorrow on this chain. I wish it wouldn’t have happened, but it can’t be removed- it contains a life. A life I got to know, a friendship that grew.
And with all the things I’ve come to learn, the good and the bad, I know it will set off new events on this never ending chain of happenstance, and I’m just sitting here watching it unfold. Taking it in with all of my emotions.
Not that I have a say, I can’t stop it.
Why would I even?

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