David and I went to our getaway house for a few days and the day before yesterday I took photos of our entire day. It was such a great day!
Slept in, like most days here. Breakfast was two avocado toasts with lime, salt and pepper, and a couple of cups of coffee with milk.
Then I found myself in a glass vase.
After that we went to the beach. I spent many many summer days when I was a kid at this exact beach. We used to rent a house in the fishing village Vik, that this beach is part of, for two weeks every summer.
Vik holds a special place in my heart.
It was the most wonderful day! The sun was shining brightly and felt warm on our cheeks, the sea was calm unlike most winter days we've been here before, and I was so very, very happy to be there.
Such a happy gal!
By the way, I think I look very much like my mother in this photo. There is a photo from a couple of years before I was born when my parents were dating. It's the end of the 70s I think, they certainly are dressed like it anyway, and they are on a picnic together, just the two of them. In the photo my mother is smiling brightly and lovingly with a boiled egg in her hand, and this reminds me of that. I think it's partly because my hair in this photo looks like her shorter hairdo did back then.
If you walk by the sea here you'll cross everything from beaches with stones all over, huge cliffs, large rocks like this and then you reach the sandy beach. That's one of the awesome things with Vik. The nature changes for every step you take and it's breathtakingly beautiful every bit of the way.
It's important to make time to step from stone to stone a little when you're here.
I was matching the surroundings perfectly that day in my grandmother's old suede coat, a thrifted velvet skirt and a circle scarf bought at an outdoors market in Amsterdam a few years ago.
Footsteps in the sand. Both human and dog feet.
Found a perfectly situated bench. Felt like I sat in a painting.
And hi to David who was photobombing in an very cute way.
We strolled up from the beach to the footpath because our walk wasn't finished yet.
And this, by the way, is a recurring thing when David and I are out walking: I stop to take pictures of something interesting I see along the path and when I look up David is far ahead. Oh, that looks kinda nice; let's take a photo of him walking. Oh! Now he's even farther away! David! Wait for me!
Repeat over and over again.
Our next stop on our walk was this old bunker.
Inside it looks tidier than you would imagine. The door David is going through leads to a pitch dark circular room. You can see more of that room (and me with demon eyes) here.
Ah, daylight!
We were on our way to a really cool abandoned house. Not this one though. This is a fishing shed.
But the house we wanted to see turned out to be gone. So gone that you couldn't even see a trace of where it used to stand.
We went into it in 2009 and took some photos and it was so amazing! A newspaper from the same year we were born (1981), cups from the 70's left to dry on the kitchen counter and old containers for products that have changed designs many, many times since.
So dissapointing that it's not there anymore. We had plans for that house!
The large tree is an alm tree. Almost every alm in this part of Sweden is dead like this one. They all caught a disease many years ago and the ones that are still standing look like this. Beautiful and somewhat scary tree skeletons.
When we walked back to the car we could feel a change in the wind. It got quiet. And a bit darker. Like rain was on its way.
And the ocean looked bluer than ever.
When we drove by from afar we could see rain pouring down on the sea where we just were. And the roads were wet like it had just rained where we were driving. I love that we missed it by minutes just by walking in the right places when the rain was elsewhere in the area around us.
When we got back to the house we were tired from all the sun and air. I even got some new freckles!
We ate some fish stew left over from the day before, and then I had coffee and instagrammed some photos from the beach.
Then we squeezed together in the sofa and slept like this for an hour.
In the evening we lit the fireplace and a bunch of candles and cozied up under blankets in the livingroom.
I ate knäckebröd with mackerel in tomato sauce. The most Swedish thing to eat ever, I would say. So tasty. But apparently it's an aquired taste because people outside of Sweden seem to think it's disgusting. Well, they're wrong. It's amazing.
Then we played Backgammon. Lots of Backgammon.
David is thinking very hard in this picture.
And this is me in strategy planning mode.
And that was tuesday. A great tuesday.

Hope you liked to tag along.

Until next time:

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