My stupid cold doesn't wanna leave my body yet, and I'm feeling more tired of this dreadfully grey winter than ever before, so what better way to lift my spirits than dream of the lush green summer?
I wrote in my last A Lotta Dancing post that I had one more installment in this series that I hadn't shown you, even though I took the photo in august or something.
I don't really know why it took me so long to first edit (I did that in november I think) and then to blog it, because I love this one so much.
There's just so much energy in this!
Maybe I knew I would need it when the winter felt the most dreadful. It's like a vitamin kick to your colour depraved vision, right?
And if you're wondering. I'm dancing to various 80's disco tunes that were playing in my head. Sometimes I was singing loudly, sometimes it was more of a grunting to the beat in my mind. Anyways, you can tell the mood, right?

Gosh, I can't wait for warmer weather! To be able to dance more freely whenever I get into the groove.
I promise I'll show you when that happens.

Until next time:


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