I didn't forget!
This months Screensaver Still Life comes in the nick of time because I've been recovering from a horrible cold that after more than a week still has me tired and a bit wobbly. Today is the first day in a week that I'm wearing real clothes and even have put on some makeup to force myself into feeling everything is absolutely great and I'm so fresh and healthy. Yep!
This month I wanted my Screensaver Still Life to have a clever edge and I really like what I came up with.
My ambition for this photo is to give a sense of both future and past. A little time twister, so to speak.
And in more exciting news! Have you sen how pretty this site looks now?! (If you see no difference from before press ctrl F5 to refresh.)
New tabs with new info and a whole lot more up to speed than it was before. It was very much overdue and since I love this place to bits, and spend a lot of time and work here, I really want it to mirror me perfectly.
Have a look under the tabs My Work, Lotta and Contact for all the new info.

I'm still not completely finished and will be doing a lot of work on my photo albums next, but I'll show you all of that in due time.

What ya sayin'?
(Uh, I so can't get away with writing like that. It sounded cool in my head but I'm so not cool enough to shorten words like that. What I meant to say is: Do you like it here now when it's all spring cleaned?)

Hope you have a great week! I'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done and really just bask in this glorious feeling of being back to health.

Until next time:
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