Well hello hello hello! Look what's back on lottalosten.com!
My good old blog series Postcard of the Week has been sorely missed by myself and I have no real reason for it totally disappearing for such a long time. It just happened.
But now it's back!
It's not like I stopped collecting weird/funny/beautiful vintage postcards since the last time so I have A LOT to show you.

This is one of the beautiful and weird ones, for sure.
I found this in a strange shop in Los Angeles when we were there a year and a half ago.

I find it so intriguing. Everything is so perfect. The house is SO exact. So strict. Nothing smooth about it. And the little family infront of it. The woman in black, the mother if I should guess, is she a widow? Dressed in black after her evil husband died and left behind enough money for her to buy this hideous house. Or was this her prison and now, when her husband is gone she can finally take her child and dog and get the hell out of there. "But wait! Just one last photo for remembering that the bad things are behind us now."
Now let's tear the place down!

What do you think? What's the story behind this spooky old photo?

It feels so good to be back with Postcard of the Week again. I hope you too like seeing the return of one of my absolute longest running blog series.

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