These past few weeks have been running away from me so quickly, so yesterday I was looking through my phone photos to kind of remind myself of what I have been up to that I thought worth documenting.
Not very much, it seems. But that's not true; I've been keeping busy with stuff I'll show you soon (next week is the birthday of lottalosten.com for an example!) but let's take a little peek at my life lately, shall we? All seen through the lens of my iPhone.
Wildflowers from a patch of grass no bigger than 2 square metres. A sure sign of summer. From the looks of it you might think I walked through a field in the picturesque countryside, but to tell the thruth it was right next to a highly trafficked road in an area where they are building new and ugly houses quite close to where we live.
Isn't it nice that even though humans stubbornly put up these horrible buildings all over the place, nature keeps spreading its flowers in between the construction sites?
Being all matchy matchy on a walk into town. Probably on my way to eat sushi.
Our scary hallway from Lights Out looks absolutely magical in the evening sun, don't you think?
After work one evening when I missed the bus home I walked to see if the ferry was coming soon. I had missed that one too, of course, but took the opportunity to snap some photos when Gothenburg clearly wanted to show itself from its best side.
And every evening the view from our balcony is something extra. This one was a misty, sunny story.
Lunch at our neighbourhood indian restaurant. Spot the husband in my shades.
Theatre rehearsals with Teater Esther. Here is our director Frida directing away.
Lena, Lisa and Hanna working on a scene from our freshly written play.
I've been riding the Coolevator.

(Yes yes, I know. Calling it "Coolevator" takes all the Cool out of it, but I just couldn't resist.)
Some days Gothenburg is covered by milky white fog and I find it impossible to resist raising my phone camera to snap a photo on my way to work.
I had a stupid cold and spent a week like this.
When the evening sun hits our apartment shadow dancing is an absolute must.
Proof that I am part troll, part human being.
A mirrored self portrait.
Nothing is as quiet and calm as a Gothenburg tram at 8.54 on a sunday morning. Five minutes later it was packed with people.
When I see a rose like this I don't think, I just stick my hand in and grab it, thorns and all, just to angle it to get a nice photo.
Freckled hand of yours truly in lower left corner.
And you now the Rhododendron I can't shut up about? They are confetti on the ground now.
It's the week of midsummer already and I just can't get my head around it.
I have been working the past three midsummer eve's but this year I'm delightfully off work and I've felt totally unprepared for it. Yesterday David and I made some plans though, and now I can't wait for the weekend to arrive!

See you soon again, dear readers of this site. I hope you have at least two things to look forward to this week (something big, something simple, doesn't matter).
Until next time:

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