After work yesterday evening David and I went for a little walk in the warm summer evening. We took the route over the cemetery Östra Kyrkogården since it's close to where we live and beyond beautiful at this time of the year.
The rhododendron are on their last breath right now. Like last year I've been completely obsessed with this colorful flower and can't believe I haven't really noticed them before.
I think they are breathtakingly beautiful.
Huh!? What's that hanging from the arm of that statue lady?
A baby hat! Let's fix it.
There! That's much better.
Thombstones and Rhododendron. Such a great book title.
Just standing here all relaxed for a little while...
Here! Have a flower!
D'aaaaw! Isn't he the prettiest of them all? I sure think so.
I think my new favourite thing is to take photos of David with flowers behind his ear/in his beard.
Rust and peeled off paint; me and my camera can't resist it.
The Chief of Police seems to be crying.
Running! Jumping! Skipping merrily towards my love!
I'm all smiles.
This castle used to be a prison and is now a house for culture in all forms. Me and my friends in the theatre group Teater Esther are rehearsing there every week. Like tonight!
Greeeeeen! This is also where I go for my evening runs. It's the perfect place for running, in my opinion. Beatiful and calm.
On the way home I stopped for a couple of pretty flowers.
Soooo, I'm off to theatre rehearsals now.
See you soon again!

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