So that happened. Yesterday evening we passed one million views of Lights Out. And it's not slowing down. At all.
Let's celebrate with Comment Bonanza!
People on the internet are funny, crazy, stupid, wonderful and AMAZING. They say the weirdest things.
So let's take a look at some of the best comments I've found so far. I've blurred the names but if you find something here that you wrote and you want me to know and give you credit: Yaay! Say something in the commments below.
If you just want to be my friend: Yaay! Say something in the comments below!
If you hate on me: NAY! DON'T say something in the comments below. This is a cuddly space.

I love this person. Seriously. This is good information. Facts. We need more people like this.
Hey! I explained that here!
Look! This George dude has got me as his profile pic on facebook!
Someone figured it out.
Another one figured it out.

We're having so much fun with all of this and it's just so crazy and hard to grasp. 1.4 million people have seen Lights out. Some are watching it RIGHT THIS SECOND. And now. And now. And NOW.
I'm off to my other job soon. Time to return to the real world for a few hours.
See you later everybody!

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