I have fallen in love with the self timer app TimerCam. It's nothing fancy, no extra gadgets and unnecessary stuff, just a camera with a timer. But it's so fun!
I like taking photos of my every day life and the environment I'm surrounded by, and sometimes a photo of a room misses a person in it and I am always there with me, you know, so why not use myself as a prop?
This also fuels the theatre thirsting side of my personality, because taking a photo with me acting as "Person" sort of gives life to a little scene.
These are a few of my self portraits from the last couple of weeks. Some of them you've seen in earlier posts but I decided they could tag along for this one too.
Well hello there, can I help you with anything? My skills include "How to turn your work space into a complete mess" and "How to stare into you computer for hours while drinking tea". Oh, and "How to take self portraits to make it look like you are a super busy business person".
And here you can see what it looks like when I, for the 54th time that day, had to release the carpet from the evil office chair wheels. I really need to do something about that. Some other time.
Trying different angles, and all that.
At the first production meeting of the year with Teater Esther! Hugging my friend Hanna super hard because it was ages since I saw her last time.
Being embarrassed.
This is a take on the photo from my previous post.
I usually take at least three different photos to make sure I get what I wanted.
Being very tired and trying to turn that into a cool look...
Looking at cute/or funny animal GIFs with my husband. This is something we do often when I come home late from work and we're too tired to watch something with a plot.
Cute animal GIFs are the cure for everything.
Finding that the kitchen cabinet is a good spot to place the phone for some photos.
Here I wanted a picture showing my necklace pendant, but that didn't work too good so I'm still in search of a place for that.
At work one evening waiting for David to come pick me up.
I'm seriously in love with the light in this photo! I like that you can't see a thing through the window, it's just so bright and warm and crisp!
Oh, and a friend of mine pointed out that it looks like I'm standing lurking with a baseball bat in my hand, ready to hit someone on the outside.
It totally does!
At my work (at a group home) we have 24 hour shifts a few times a month.
It's a quite surreal feeling to prepare for bed in the middle of the night in a place where you work and where the bathroom looks a little bit like a hospital with desinfectants and papper rolls all over the place. It feels sort of like I'm in another persons home all alone, hiding from something.
One evening I took this and I just got this feeling like it was taken by some arty farty photograper who takes photos of herself in bad lighting, with a bored posture, gloomy eyes standing in a well thought out, ordinary surrounding with items that scream "I'm a normal person, just like everybody else". (Whoa! Maybe that IS me?)
So I call this one "Bored sailor girl in mint green kitchen with unpaid bills on the table and a loaf of bread on the counter"
And this is from today.
"Bored sailor girl in mint green kitchen waiting for the banana bread to be ready and her friend to arrive".
I feel like a new series have been born. Bored sailor girl is probably going to come back.
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