Yesterday started off with breakfast. This one, to be precise.
The kiwi fruit was exceptionally happy to be a part of my breakfast.
We were going to have friends over and David decided to remove some of the big snow lumps by the road to make it easier to reach the driveway. This house has no snow shovel so all he found was a regular shovel. I stood in the window taking photos and giving him thumbs up for the good work.
I felt like giving my face some makeup. Hello from tiny 70's style bathroom with sloped ceiling!
Had time for another cup of coffee before our friends arrived.
When they arrived we had (more) coffee and vanilla buns before we bundled up and went outside. The weather was EXTREMELY windy but we were brave.
Aili, Jonas and David took the lead with me staying behind to take photos. Like always.
The hen house. And look at the small house to the right, can you see the little face popping out from behind the hatch? It's the dog guarding the hens. She lives there and barks when someone passes. We yelled back to her until she stuck her head out to bark some more before going back in again. Haha, such a sweetie!
Aili almost blew away. Her scarf actually unwrapped itself from her neck and here she is fighting the scarf and wind.
Our tree!
The beautiful valley that you can see in this post from november last year.
Look at all that untouched snow! So pretty.
We decided to go up to the tree where we got married in august. Aili and Jonas were our wedding witnesses so it felt really nice to show them how the place looks now, five months later.
The hard journey up there. The snow was so thick in some places but that actually made it easier because it prevented us from slipping down the hill. Oh, and it was so windy here that I couldn't see if the photos were in focus or not so I just snapped away and hoped for the best. I still really like these photos because they show the struggle it was to get up (and later down) the hill in that much wind and snow.
Almost there!
Look how happy Aili was to have made it all the way up the hill!
David doesn't look too happy though. Because he left his hat and gloves in the house, and it was sooooo cold up there!
I think he thinks he looks cool.
Jonas covering Aili from the wind. So much love.
Aaaaah, I'm blowing away!
I really like this one. David took all three of these.

And now, prepare yourself for a little photo series...
Plopp! David got stuck in the snow!

(Behind him I am laughing so hard I can hardly breath.)
Aili and Jonas: Huh!? What have you gotten yourself into THIS time?
Jonas and Aili skipping merrily over the fields
When we came inside we started working on dinner. We made butternut squash soup that turned out EXTREMELY SUPER DUPER EXTRA HOT! I mean it was insane. I usually make this soup and complain it isn't spicy enough but this time it was CRAZY. We added water and milk but it was still too hot. Very tasty but oh my, that was not how it was supposed to turn out.
After dinner we played Scrabble.
David thinking of his next move.
Aili contemplating.
David further into the game.
Jonas put the Galej in our evening. (Galej means party, but an extra festive and happy one, I would say.)

And that was yesterday. Aili and Jonas went home later in the evening and David and I sat in the sofa reading before we called it a night.
Such a great day!
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