Hej hej!
I would like to introduce you to some people.
They are strangers from long ago and I plan to give them life again.

I love to scroll through boxes of old photos at fleamarkets in search for a stranger, a person that I probably never will get to know for sure who it was, somebody that reaches out from the picture and grabs me and my heart. A perfect stranger.
I have quite the collection of them now; people from long ago that I make up stories about, try to get to know just by looking at their faces, their small, teasing smiles, their squinting eyes, their old fashioned clothing and their body languages.

I have been thinking for a long time now that I want to do something with all these people. I want to show them parts of my life, I want to take them places and I want their lives to continue on for a little while longer.
Today I finally realised what I need to do. I'm starting an art project. A photo series with the intention of creating something large.
I'm giving Strangers from long ago a new life and my hope is that not only I, but you as well, will get to know them to the limit that they're not strangers anymore but family and friends.
I think I have to try before they end up forgotten in a box on a fleamarket again.
I plan to introduce you to them along the way and some people will just make a quick appearance but I'm guessing at least a couple of these strangers will be there for the entire ride.
Like this grumpy child.
Why so surly, little friend?
I think it's a boy but I'm not quite sure. I need to give him a new name because nobody should be nameless. Not even strangers.
And hello there (more than slightly) scary girls all dressed in white.
And put the thin sisters next to the chubby grumpy boy and music starts to play. I mean look at them! I just cant believe how amazing this is. How would that meeting go if that could happen in reality? Wonderful.
Squinting lady saying "Huh!? You did WHAT? Is that a nipple ring you've got there? AND a tattoo?!? YOUNG LADY!"
She's goregous, isn't she! I'm equal parts scared of her piercing gaze and delighted with the mirth glowing in her eyes.
Dapper. Oh so dapper.
I really like how both these girls faces are half in light/half in darkness. Like it should mean something, I just don't know what yet.
Such a pretty lady. She looks calm and collected, doesn't she? Someone to be trusted. I bet she was great at keeping secrets.
I feel very excited about this project and I hope to show you the next installment (which is going to be a bit different) in the not too distant future.

Until then: Don't be a stranger!
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