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So I'm back with the promised Entire Day iPhone post.
I love to take photos with both my Nikon and my iPhone and the biggest difference (besides photo quality and options) is how I edit them afterwards. All photos taken with my Nikon is edited in Adobe Lightroom but my Iphone photos never leave my phone for editing. I'm using the app VSCOCam for all my photos because I think it's the best photo app there is. I actually take my photos with VSCOCam too becuase it has the ability to separate exposure and focus, making it possible to have more control of the light and the focus in the pictures. By the way, I'm not sponsored by VSCOCam, I'm just a little bit in love.
After the photo has been taken I edit it in the app. Sometimes I use the great premade filters but I can also change the light, contrast, and play with the tints of the shadows and highlights and so much more if I want to do that. It is a terrific app!

The cold i had a few weeks ago came back with a vengeance during last weekend and yesterday was a particularly bad day so I didn't have much energy and I slept a lot in between our little adventures. But here is my day anyway!
Woke up around 8 in the morning because I couldnt breathe through my nose. Lay in bed looking at the light coming through the shade. I love the light in this room in the mornings. It makes such a lazy and cozy feeling.
We decided to go in to Simrishamn for breakfast. This is how I looked. Tired and under the weather but quite happy anyway.
Simrishamn in morning light. Love to see the market people getting everything ready for the day.
We always go to a place called Café Kagan, they have a great breakfast buffet!
Breakfast! That bread is to die for.
When we came home I ended up infront of the jigsaw puzzle again.
It actually went quite well this time.

But after a while I fell asleep in the sofa for two hours. I was so tired!
Afternoon snacks! Persimon and plum. And a large cup of tea.
Sat infront of the computer for a while editing the photos that I blogged yesterday.
Time for some fresh air! I decided to leave my Nikon at home and took the analog camera we bought on a fleamarket this summer. And my iPhone, of course!
We went to Vik! This is the fishing village where I spent every summer as a child and up until three years ago. Love this place so much. The house prices there are insane and my family used to rent a house there for a couple of weeks every summer before they got the house we're in now.
David and I try to squeeze in a little trip to Vik everytime we are here becuase it's just so beautiful.
The cliffs have perfect natural steps making it easy to get in and out of the water. If you know where to find them...
The Rose! A famous rock formation that people come from afar to see. Isn't it amazing!?!
It always interests me how some things end up on cliffs and beaches. This large rusty circle thing for an example. Looks kind of nice there anyway.
When we came home we made a very tasty fish soup with canned cocktail tomatoes, celery, potatoes, carrots, three different types of onions, lots of garlic, salmon and cod and a dollop of aioli on top. I just improvised the recipe and it turned out amazing!
You can see for yourself how excited I was.
David was not too keen on being photographed while eating. But I don't care, because I'm mean like that.
After dinner I edited the last bunch of photos and blogged. With the super speedy internet connection here it took a couple of hours. So now you know how much work goes into these posts!

Today has been a slow day. I've been writing a bit, we went on a walk over the hills but otherwise not much happening. Kind of nice, actually. We're going to a restaurant in the evening though so that should be fun.
Hope your weekend will be everything you want it to be.

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