Hello hello!

Last monday David and I went to Glasgow, Scotland to bring home my wedding dress.
My friend Jennie lives in Glasgow and since we got to know each other at a school where I studied theatre and she sewing I knew that she would be the right person for my not so traditional wedding dress.
She's working at a theatre so we were there a lot during the week for fittings and detail discussions and just goofing around with the play props laying around the room. David and I also had opportunity to walk around Glasgow and since we had some things we wanted to find for the wedding we spent a lot of time shopping. And eating.
Here's some snippets of our days in Glasgow.
Evening walk in Queen's park.
Say hi to Stand In Lotta.
Jennie made her last time I was in Glasgow, in may. I wore a t-shirt and Jennie covered me in duct tape so I could hardly breathe. Then she cut the duct tape in the back, stuffed me with left over fabric and taped me back together again.
Since last time Stand In Lotta had become a bit more wobbly and out of shape but she worked fine until I could be there instead. Then she was useless and stood there on her four legs and looked sort of left out.
Boxes for your everyday needs...
We found our wedding accessories...
Oh, how I regret that I didn't take this with me. Such a fabulous headpiece!
David and I spent a few hours roaming around West End with all it's vintage and charity shop heaven.
And we ate cauliflower and mustard soup. That was my favourite soup at a café in Midhurst, England, where I lived for a year with my dear friend Lisa (or Sambon as I usually call her). Such a nostalgic taste for me now!
Banana and blueberry cake and latte for me. One giant meringue with whipped cream and berries for David.
Jennie hiding behind a cloud of tulle.
David entertaining himself listening to podcasts in the background.
When we came home we spent a day sleeping and running around town searching for all those things we didn't find in Glasgow.

On saturday I thought I had theatre practice. Apparently I was fooled.
My friends threw me a bachelorette party! Such a great day with lots of nice things. I was so happy the entire day!

Today is a day of last minute packing. So many things to bring with us! Clothes, wedding surprises, makeup, and don't forget the wedding dress!
I have to get going now. FIVE DAYS LEFT, my friends and readers.
And for you with instagram I recommend you to follow me for more photos (lottalosten is my name there, as always) and check out the hashtag #lottvidwed to see photos from our wedding guests.

Wiiiiii! This is so exciting!

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