This week we are filming David's short film Wallace.
I've been helping out behind the camera and as an acting coach. Yesterday we rehearsed indoors all day and today was our first day of filming.
The weather was super hot and sunny and we made it through the day with sunscreen, lots of refreshing drinks and hard work. It's been so much fun and we've only just begun! The kids acting in this movie are such a fun group and they have made friends with eachother in no time at all.
Here's three behind the scenes photos from today. More will come later in the week, probably.
The essence of summer.
David preparing and looking all focused.
Claes, The film's producer, waiting by the microfone. Soon time to start filming the first scene of the day.

Tomorrow we're returning to Papyrus for a day of filming there. And I'm bringing my jewelry and my friend and model Hanna .
It's going to be so exciting!
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