Time for the last of my Scotland trip posts (well, there might be one more with my iphone photos later...).
We start this the moment I stepped out from Pollok Park on wednesday when I had the day all to myself.
I headed into Glasgow city for a much needed cup of coffee. But first I had to find a taxi to take me there because I had strong suspicions I had walked out of the map Jennie made me.
Add to my list of dream homes. An old brick house with huge trees infront of it, preferably clustered together into a tiny little park.
Found a taxi, found a cafe in the middle of St Enoch Square. I was only supposed to sit there for an hour or so but ended up in a comfy armchair for almost three hours. I realised I was super tired from my long walk and all the bright light in my eyes. When I take photos I squint with my eyes to focus and get really sore eyes from all the concentration. Yeah, I have the eyes of a true redhead- Crazily sensitive. So I sat in my corner of the café and sipped coffee, used their wifi, skyped with David and rested. When I was ready to go it had started raining. Well, I had a theatre show to attend, so out I went.
Walked along the beautiful river.
Love this photo so much. I like how it sort of looks like the two boys in the corner are kissing. I don't think they were a couple at all but the angle makes it look like that. Sweet, anyhow.
Stepped onto the bridge to see the view.
Love the reflections!
A Dalek under water! This mural is so cool!
Found the bridge I was heading for and it took me ages to cross it because I mean, just look at this view!
One more, just cause I can.
Looking the other way.
I just couldn't resist taking a photo of this really sad and ugly buildning. Glasgow is such a clash of old, beautiful houses and new, really ugly ones.
And then there's the abandoned ones that I really like the look of.
I was early to the theatre and walked around the block for a while. The glistening water on the ground makes for great photos, I think.
Blue door and brick wall.

The theatre was really pretty and the set was amazing but I was a little bit disapointed with the plays. It was two shorter plays by Caryl Churchill who I love. The first one, Far away, had an amazing set but it was actually too good if you get what I mean. The focus was entirely on the coolness of the set and when the acting wasn't up to the same standards the experience lost a lot of the excitement. The second play, Seagulls, had less cool gadgets but much better acting so I was glad I went anyway.
I was super tired when I came home. It had been a great day!
Thursday morning!
This was my last day in Scotland and we had many fun plans for the day. We started with breakfast at The Brooklyn Café and decided to really go all in with the breakfast choices.
First: Very Berry Smoothie!
And then. French toasts with bacon. Oh my gosh. So tasty.
After our large breakfast we made our way to Glasgow city centre for some wedding gown fitting. We went to House of Frasier where we had an appointment. My wedding dress is NOT going to look at all like those Cinderella gowns but it was really fun to try them on, and make the lady working there feel awkward when she tried to ask me questions like "how did he propose" "what's the theme of your wedding" and I failed to answer satisfactory to every single question. I realised this is so not my world. I can't believe how many rules there seems to be around weddings. We are going to break most of them probably, and we'll love it!
I looked like a Disney princess and was actually quite surprised of how well they suited me. They didn't allow any photos taken in there, so sadly there is no evidence of my amazing looks but you'll just have to trust me when I say: I looked fantastic and very royal, indeed.
So when that was out of the way we went to the fabric store and chose the fabrics for my dress. Nothing white, no sparkling beads, nothing boring and traditional for me, thank you very much. No, my dress is going to be amazing in an entirely different way. And you'll just have to wait until august to see it.
In the evening it was time for one of Jennie's sewing classes and I tagged along. Gorgeous house!
After her class ended and we had measured me in every way possible we went to the cemetery Necropolis. Sadly it was closed and weird people lurked around in the dark so we stayed on the outside. We have to go there in august when we're back.
Like straight out of a horror movie.
This wall is all that's left of a really old house that is now protected by law and can't be torn down. The houses further down the street had to be built behind the wall. Such a cool way to handle a lone standing wall in the middle of the city!
At this point my camera battery decided to die so no more pictures of the evening. We went to a bar and had a few beers before we went home. Went to bed at 1.30 and set my alarm to 3.45 because at 4.15 a taxi took me to the airport. I left Scotland super tired but very happy.
It was such a great trip and it was lovely to see Jennie again after almost ten years. She is one amazing woman!
Today it's apparently Sweden's national day. We haven't really celebrated it here before but a few years ago they decided to make the day a holiday so now most people are off work today. Not me though. I'm on my way to work soon but I don't really see the point of celebrating anyway. Sweden is a great country but so are many others. It looks summery with all the flags blowing in the breeze againts a blue sky though.
Hope you have a lovely day however you spend it.
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