Yesterday was such a lovely spring day. David and I walked into town and took the way past blooming cherry and magnolia trees. It felt like ages ago we did that, walked that specific path to town and just strolled around. We had some errands to do but mostly it was just really nice to be out in the lovely weather.
The fort Skansen Lejonet pops up between two bridges.
We took the path through the cemetery Stampen. I love this place all year round but spring time is extra pretty (well, autumn might be equally lovely) because of all the green leaves and blossoming flower trees everywhere.
An oasis in the middle of the city.
The cherry blossoms called our names. I want to just live there, among the branches filled with flowers.
David looks sceptical, but I assure you he was just thinking very hard about a movie idea. That's what he looks like then.
I was not thinking about anything other than living among cherry blossoms.
Swinging my bag adorably.
The skirt is from Thailand where I had it made. It turned out more fancy than I had planned so I don't use it that often but yesterday it was "Fancy skirt weather" so it was perfect. The jacket is several years old, from a stall on Camden market in London, and the bag is one of my favourites, from Frank and Gertrude.
And of course I wore matching socks.
I love cemeteries. They are a more dramatic kind of park. I'm not religious so I have no connection to that part of churchyards but I just really appreciate the calm seriousness of it all. It's pretty at the same time as it's sad because people have loved ones there and they go there to remember, mourn, feel. I think it's beautiful.
A meeting by the bench.
Found a magnolia tree as well. Magnolia is my favourite flower and tree all in one. When I grow up (not gonna happen in a while, probably) I'm going to have AT LEAST five different magnolia trees in my garden. Maybe ten.
Trädgårdsföreningen hiding behind the trees.
We went to Antikhallarna to look around in search for a special thing. We found it! Tell you more some time...
They have a café there and it's such a lovely place I'm sure I will be there all the time this spring and summer.
We sat out in the sun and I ate a cake with a tongue on it...
It was a super tasty cardemom cake.
David looking fondly at that thing we found that I wont tell you about...
Then we went to buy a new diary for me. I write every evening as you might know (22 years and counting, every single day).
On our way home we walked past this sign. Love how rusty it is and how it, sort of, blends into the brick wall. It says Bicycle parking forbidden.
Close to where we live there's a tiny park in front of an apartment building and for some reason I just really love it. It's sweet, has lots of trees and this, kind of sad looking, playground. Nothing fancy, it's just something nice about it.
And they have a really big cherry tree.
I had to stop for a while. Stop to sniff, to dream, to long for a garden filled with ten, no, FIFTEEN magnolia trees and five cherry trees.
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