On sunday David and I drove forty minutes from San José and ended up in a little beach town called Capitola. We were going to meet up with Jillian, a friend of mine who I've met through Etsy. She lives close by and she had told us the day before that she knew a nice breakfast place we needed to visit.
This was the place. Zelda's!
I had coffee. Of sorts.
Also ate some lovely breakfast food but was way too hungry to have the time to photograph it.
The beach view through the window and through the big mirror covering one wall.
After we ate we went for a stroll down the beach.
Surfers were laying low in the glistening water. Not many waves to be seen.
Turned around and walked back towards the town.
I call this one "Little girl with blue bucket and seagull".
I really really REALLY want one of these colourful houses. Any one of them will do. But especially the aqua blue one. Or the peach colured. Or the bright yellow. Or any of them really.
Bay and bridge behind a bridge.
I told Jillian that we don't really have wooden bridges like this in Sweden but since we grow up with american movies we've seen lots of them on films. Kind of weird that we know so much about american culture without ever having experienced it first hand that when we're finally here it's like "Yeah, I know about that restaurant" and "Yes, I've seen this place before. On film."
So pretty! I could definitely see myself living here. Yep.
Cute house!
Another thing that's really different from Sweden is the size of the streets. Even in a small town like Capitola the streets are so much wider than they are in Sweden. To us it sort of looks like a miniature town with tiny toy houses along the large streets. Like the entire place is just a pretty movie set.
Americans should come and see the teeny tiny streets in some villages in Österlen, Skåne. Their big cars wouldn't even be able to squeeze in.
Like sand castles for humans!
We walked under the wooden bridge. Such a cool structure.
Isn't Blue Gum Avenue the best name for a street!?!
We found an antique shop!
It was a lovely shop with millions of things everywhere. The lady who owned the place talked non stop about old customers from all over the world, about the history of different items and the reasons people have for collecting things. She was really nice and she let me take photographs in there because I asked nicely before. Usually she doesn't allow it.
With heart shaped sun glasses...
...without heart shaped sun glasses.
Then we had to walk back to the car and say goodbye to Jillian. It was a really great day and it's so sad that Capitola is such a long way from Sweden because I would have loved to have breakfast with Jillian at Zelda's every sunday.
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