Sometimes I find photos in my computer that I've chosen to edit but for some reason haven't put here on the blog. Most times they are just left behind and forgotten but some of them wants to be blogged, and who am I to say no then?
So here are twenty random, pretty, weird, funny and even scary photos from the last four months that were too good to end up unblogged and forgotten.
It was autumn but the moss was green like summer.
Mushrooms were found.
Mushrooms are weird and beautiful.
The bark on the trees looked like landscapes from outer space.
When the trees were fiery orange we started to film a movie at the cemetery.
Hanna could fit in any scary movie. Olle is yet unaware of the evil sitting beside him.
Winter landed on the roofs of Gothenburg.
The city was cold and bright.
One december day I was treated to brunch at Hagabadet with Becka.
I don't think you understand how full I was when we left.
The sunset view from our balcony was nothing short of amazing.
And the one from my job was quite perfect too.
Snuggling feet one lazy sunday morning.
A piece of jewelry in the making.
Meeting with Hanna in her kitchen. We are planning great things together.
Coffee and ideas.
One evening I met up with Becka at a restaurant.
It was a weekday and we were both tired and in some serious need of talking, sipping wine and eating nice food.
Cozy bar lights.
I'll end this post with one hell of a scary photo of Hanna from the first evening of our week of filming at Österlen. Film directors of scary movies: Look! You have your next star!

End of random photo post. For this time.
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