Hello hello!

So, I'm battling my second cold this year complete with brain emptying sneezes and a constant feeling of having cotton wool pressing up behind my eyes.
But still super sexy, I promise. Ahem.

One day last week I got the sudden urge to look through my bulging wardrobe to see if I could find the coral beret I bought on a flea market a couple of years ago. I didn't find it.
Instead I found this raspberry red beret that I've had since I was about 9 or 10 years old.
It's actually the second one I had because the first one got snatched from my head by some older boys on the school yard. I remember telling a teacher and pointing to the the boys where they were laughing and playing with my beret, like some evil Disney villains. The teacher just shrugged and kept on walking.
So I went home and cried to my parents and then got a new beret in the exact same colour a couple of days later.
When I was a kid it might have been a bit too big and now it's definitely on the smaller side, but I don't care. It looks nice and I love that it's somewhat a part of my history. What makes me who I am.
Well, I'm maybe not so scared of older boys and stupid teachers anymore, but it's a memory of my childhood and the beret is kind of a capsule for that part of me.
A time capsule in deep raspberry red.
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