Well, well, if it isn't me again!

I left you high and dry there for a while. Not at all intentionally, it just happened.
But hey! It's time to sum up the year that was 2012.

It was a really interesting and adventure filled year, for sure. Let us have a look at what really happened from january to december of 2012.
The year started off with a lot of script writing. David and I were working on a screenplay for a movie and we went away from the city a few times to concentrate. First to a beautiful winter wonderland and then to Österlen where we celebrated David's birthday and I showed you how one of our days there could look like. This was my favourite post of this month, I think
This was the month when I went to visit my dear friend Camilla in London! We had such an amazing time and you can see all my posts from the trip here, here and here. Really love all these posts.

In february David and I was almost finished with our screenplay and we celebrated by spreading the pages all over our living room floor.
And one day we had a round table reading with some clever friends of ours. That was a truly terrific day. It was quite overwhelming to have people read and comment on something you've worked so hard on. And even more so when they seemed to love it!
Spring came this month and I spent many days in the park Trädgårdsföreningen, drinking coffee, watching people, hanging out with friends and just enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

I made a little video called Have a fika with me about the swedish word Fika. In this post I wrote in english as well as swedish because you were starting to drop in from all over the world.

And then I showed you around my work space (it does not look as neat and tidy today...)
This was a really busy month for me because I was planning a complete re-launch of lottalosten.com and the preparations were many.

I had a fun photoshoot with my friend Lovisa at one of my favourite photo locations in Gothenburg. Amazing place and beautiful friend - that's a great combo for a photoshoot!
Finally it was time for my big re-launch!
I had worked so hard and it felt great to start blogging in english as well. The first few months I tried to write my posts in both swedish and english, but after a while it felt a little too much so I started to blog exclusively in english instead.
I showed you what all the little bits and pieces on this page means.

May was a month filled with flea market adventures! I found so many great things and you can see some of my flea market posts here , here and here .

It was a great time for evening walks at the cemetery , warm days strolling around in Trädgårdsförening and in the city together with David.
In June we went to Thailand! It was part business trip and part vacation. I took a gazillion photos and I'm very proud of all my many posts from there. First day in Bangkok, the adventurous second day in Bangkok, then the trip to Hua Hin, the visit to monkey mountain, the day we went on a little urban exploration adventure and the beaches and night markets.
I told you about the ladyboy Jessica who was the reason behind why we went to Thailand in the first place. Such a lovely person with an extraordinary story to tell.
And then I introduced you to Betty and Dolly.

This was also the month when I let you meet my fabulous theatre group Teater Esther.
Summer time in Sweden can be so beautiful. David and I went to Österlen to spend some time there with my parents.
We went for walks in the lovely evening sun and over the mystical misty hills.

When we came home to Gothenburg again we went and saw the new Batman movie and I was really angry with the movie business and the gender roles that they portray.
I went to see my dear sister and niece for a couple of days and had a lovely time with them in Stockholm.

I made a really large necklace.

I had a great time at the music festival Way out west.

One day all of us in Teater Esther went on a little fieldtrip to take some poster photos for the play we were rehearsing.

The last days of august were spent in Österlen where we started to write on a new screenplay. I took some photos of David and an old house and of David and some sheep.
This was an exciting month! David and I went to South Africa because a friend of mine was getting married and we were invited as both guests and photographer/filmer.
I fell in love with the nature there and took about 4500 photos during that week. I have yet to show you the photos from the wedding but I did blog about the beautiful surroundings, the visit at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and a romantic walk with us, the montains and some wild horses.
Autumn came with lots of exciting events!
Teater Esther gave our first two shows ever! As it was our first play as a group we only did two shows, but they sold out and it was the best feeling in the world to put on a play completely by ourselves. We made it all: acting, costumes, set, props and coffee and cookies for the intermission.
Here are some rehearsal photos from a couple of days before our opening night.

David and I was working on the screenplay for our next movie and we went on a search for the perfect filming location.
And right at the end of the month, when the leaves on the trees were a beautiful bright orange, we started filming our movie that is called Allmänt Jävla Bäng.

I also told you about a bag that were once my mother's.
We started off the month with taking our little film crew to Österlen for a week of filming. Had so much fun and learned a lot during this busy week.
You will get to see more of what's happening with this movie soon, I hope.

My dad released a book and I'm the photographer for most of the photos in it.

And then I had a week selling jewlery and photos at the christmas fair in Nordstan , meeting lots of lovely customers (and some crazy people as well).
This was not long ago, you should remember.
I guess you know all about my advent calendar? If you don't, or if you just want to see it all over again because it was THAT amazing, you can click here.

So, that was 2012.
It feels like it was the start of many things. Some of them didn't really come through and some did. Some will maybe, hopefully, definitely see the light of day during this exciting year.

One thing I know for sure: I will tell you all about it when it happens.
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