David is responsible for the photoshop magic and I'm the puffy face and flimsy penmanship.
And let me wish a Not So Very Merry Christmas to the old man who first bought jewelry from me and then told me I had great breasts. I really didn't want your opinion on that.

Another great day at the christmas fair in Nordstan. It's been a hectic day with lots of sweet customers, but around lunch time it was a big rally with teenage kids screaming and behaving very bad in some sort of revenge mob because of a girl who apparently had uploaded pictures of other teenage girls and writing bad stuff about them. Police were there and tried to keep everything calm but I heard it was chaos right outside the doors of the mall. Very scary. I hate how people can come together in a mob like that and just don't think further than themselves.

Let's hope tomorrow will be rally free, customer filled and less boob fixated.

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