It's the first of december everybody!
As most of my swedish readers might now I have a tradition here at Every year I have an advent calender with a specific theme that will keep me busy every day up until christmas.
The first year it was Lottas Lucköppning which was a celebration to all the small doors/windows in every day life. It's sort of a pun on the advent calender traditon of opening a door every day up until christmas eve.
The next year it was Lottas Hjulkalender. Another word pun. The swedish word for christmas is Jul but if you put and H infront of the word it means wheel instead. Haha, I'm so incredibly funny.
Last year it was time for Lottas Juleljus that translates to Lotta's christmas lights where I added one candle for every day.

Well. THIS year I'm proud to introduce to you: Lotta's christmas cards!
With help from my dear David I will pop up in 24 old christmas cards that will have a (more or less) specific receiver every day.
All the way up until christmas eve (because that's when we celebrate christmas here in Sweden).

By the way. I look EXACTLY like my aunt on this photo... Well, a scary version of my aunt, because she's nice and I look pure evil here.
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