Hello hello!
I've been away filming for a week.
The whole little film crew went to my family's summer house at Österlen to film our movie Allmänt Jävla Bäng. It was such an amazing experience.
Sometimes the weather was bad and we had to sit inside and wait for it to get better but for the most part everything went really well.
We worked very hard the entire week and I couldn't bring my real camera around because I was acting most of the time so here are some iPhone photos from behind the scenes.
Can't wait to see the result of all this filming!
Almost a Sound of music moment.
Say hello to the Hay Master.
Very large pig.
Very large pig in a bucket.
David found a friend.
Just your average Hanging upside down from the bed and laughing hysterically for half an hour scene.
Giggling director.
At the cliffs of Vik.
Hanna and Lovisa.
Our tech guy Joel.
Hello Mr Director!
Setting the scene. David and our producer Claes.
Filming one of the key scenes at the cemetery in Simrishamn.
Running over the hills in only night wear and coats.
Checking the result after driving around the town with the camera on the hood of the car.
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