This week has been extremely stressfull. I've been working evenings and nights and before work David and I have been working on our movie. On wednesday and friday it was time to film a couple of scenes that take place at the cemetery Östra Kyrkogården here in Gothenburg and by the train tracks in Jonsered just outside the city.
Here are some photos I took behind the scenes when I didn't hold the microphone or cover the sun with a large white screen.

The actors, and my good friends, Hanna Johansson and Olle Kilström get instructions from David behind the camera.
David lurking behind a gravestone.
Our favourite dog actor! His name is Kompis, which means Buddy or Friend.
We borrowed him from his owners, our friends, for the day and he is such a great dog!
Tomorrow starts an entire week of filming. I am so excited! I play one of the three leading roles in the movie and I have really been looking forward to start acting infront of the camera and be a part of this whole filming adventure.
I'll keep you posted, for sure!
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