I have been meaning to post these photos since wednesday but apparently I'm one busy lady because now is the first time since then that I've had the time to sit down and actually do it.

I was off from work on wednesday and David and I went out in the lovely weather for a walk and something to eat. Lets have a look, shall we?
On our way in to town we passed a car cleaning the roads and leaving mist all over the place.
A piece from a magazine article with the headline "The worlds largest breasts?". I love that somebody have ripped this out from the magazine like it was something important and worth keeping.
We walked through the cemetary...
...and arrived to the edge of the park called Trädgårdsföreningen that I love so much.
It's mitten weather here.
The trees are large and the people are tiny.
The sunshine painted glitter on the water.
And the ground was covered in chestnuts and leaves. Sometimes stuck on each other.
I love this house. I want to live there.
We found a bench where David could take some photos of me with my new Willow Necklace Pendant. You will see more of those photos another day.
Sometimes I really love to edit the photos in a completely different way from what I usually do. I think these black and white ones turned out really mysterious and nice.
Well hello there!
And as usual I can't really stay cute for a very long time in front of the camera.
Yeah. I'm a natural.
I was wearing the porcelain brooch I bought from the etsy shop Poodle Breath a while ago. I've been drooling over this for such a long time. Isn't it the best mix of weird and beautiful!? I love it so much!
I also love that the shop is named Poodle Breath. Genius!
Then I tried to take some photos of David in the autumn sun. He can't keep a straight face for more than a second and apparently I missed the time window. He's cute though.
After our walk around the park we were starving and went to a café for soup and sallad. The perfect autumn lunch!
After that we walked home and passed the dad and little girl with only one leg each. Must be a real sad family story there.

Well, that was that day.
A perfect way to spend a day off, in my opinion. Since then it's been raining almost non stop, but now when I look out of my window the sun is golden over the horizon.
Maybe tomorrow will be a beautiful day.
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