On our last day at the backpacker place David and I went for an evening walk with our cameras. We had a plan to get some photos of us under the amazing mountains. A memory, sort of.
I set out to position the camera in a tree and find the perfect view for us to be captured in...
First attempt... not so good. Unless half a David was what we were going for, then it would have been perfect.
Now it's starting to look like something!
Just hanging, us and the mountains.
Lotta Heart David.
A kiss was appropriate.
Grab grab...
The sun was setting behind us.
Look at the sun setting in a little bowl on top of the mountain...
I collected some sun flares.
And we started to head back to our little house through the vegetation.
We were suddenly face to face with a white horse.
I think I gasped out loud here, the view was just perfect. I held my breath and took as many photos I could before the horse turned around and walked away. We followed.
And was greeted by a whole bunch of horses standing there in the gorgeous evening light.
What a perfect memory it turned out to be, this last little walk under the blue mountains.
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