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One thing I really love about travelling is bringing home souvenirs from the countries or cities I visit. And not the expensive touristy stuff, but the things you can find if you look around you. On the ground, hanging in the trees.
My current obsession is different kinds of seed pods. I just think they are really beautiful.
Imagine the happy look on my face when I realised that South Africa is literally covered with seed pods!
I searched high and low for the really large ones after seeing one as decoration in a shop only to find out that the bride to be, Sydafrika, has a tree full of them in her garden!
I even got the rest of the guests to have their eyes open for me during the week.
Kind of reminds me of when I was a little girl and went to summer camp and got a diploma for being the Best treasure seeker of the camp (Lägrets Sakletare). Let me tell you, there where no other contestants in that category. They made it up to make me happy because I was all miserable and wanted to go home to my parents. I saw through the white lie but didn't care because I knew I was the best Sakletare around and I certainly owned that title!
And this time I got to be the best Sakletare of South Africa!
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