A few days ago Teater Esther- The theatre group that I'm part of- went on a little trip to the sea to take som photos for our poster. We are doing a play called Människor i solen written by Jonas Gardell. I won't show you the poster photos yet but here are some behind the scenes photos that I took while we were goofing around. The photos are taken with my Nikon and with my iphone.
For you who don't know my friend Lovisa I can tell you this: This is NOT her. This is "Siv".
Lovisa left her true self the moment she dressed like this and stepped into our car.
Lovisa is the model I used for my last jewelry lookbook if you would like to see the "real" her.
When we reached Saltholmen we got ready for the photo shoot! David is our photograher.
Last minute preparations...
Olle turns into Svante.
I play the role of Stina. She looks like this.
Hanna plays my wife, Ingrid. But this is The Little Mermaid.
As you can see...
The family of Siv, Svante and their kid Sara. Sara is played by Frida.
Lisa plays Fru Sörensson. Crazy lady.
And that's all you get to see for now. More info will come here shortly, I promise!
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