So these days has been quite slow. I've been working at my "real" job and not really having any strength to get going on my own business. I guess it's the summer vacation feel that won't really leave my body.
As I'm slowly getting in to everyday routines again I look at all the photos I took with my phone during my week at Österlen and feel all warm inside.
Have a look with me:
A boat in a pond. Does it get more idyllic?
Hello. Yours truly in a hen house.
I had dinner with Astor the cat. He's got fierce eyes, hasn't he.
They have opened a Crêperie in the little village of Rörum where we live and we of course had to go check it out.
You can see for yourself how tasty it was. Omnomnom.
I had to bring David there when he came to Rörum. Like Astor the cat this dinner date has some fierce eyes...
Hello again, from behind a coffee cup.
Coffee with lots of milk. The only real way to drink coffee, you know.
One day I found wild strawberries, or Smultron as we call them in Sweden. They went straight in to my mouth half a second after this photo was snapped.
Rye in hand (I did not eat this, I promise).
It was very foggy for a few days. This is a parkway in Simrishamn called Suckarnas gång (Aisle of sighs) leading the way to the cemetary. This is also the place for the enormous weekly fleamarket.
I love fog but it gives me head aches. I hate how something as beautiful as this is bad for me. Humidity and I are not best friends, though I sure wish we could be.
Have I told you Österlen is amazing? Österlen is amazing.
Proof of the amazingness of Österlen: We found kittens!
Look at that face!
"Please, please, please can I keep it? I don't have to be allergic..."
You must already know that I'm drawn to capturing stilleben with my camera. This is one of my favourites from the trip.
On our last day it rained almost not stop.
And then in the evening it was that fog again, rolling over the hills.

Did I tell you that I miss this place?

(If you wan't to you can follow me on instagram to see more photos. My name there is lottalosten, as always.)
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