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Two of Gothenburg in between seasons.
One afternoon with bright light and fresh air, and one early evening running on a rainy wet cemetery.
Two photos of work for
One editing the photos you saw in this post, and one sitting at a café working with my Strangers.
Two of me in my grandmothers old suede coat.
One in the elevator on my way home and one on the season premiere of wearing sunglasses!
This coat has been hanging in my wardrobe over ten years and I haven't used it that much for some reason. But this spring I fell in love with it all over again. It has these short trumpet sleeves that makes it a bit cold on my wrists but the coat itself is quite warm so it's an inbetween seasons coat and that has been perfect for the Gothenburg weather lately.
But I think I can safely say that spring is here now! Yaay!

Two displays of pretty knickknacks all dusted and reorganized.
One of treasures from South Africa; seed pods, porcupine hair and spikes from a bush, and also a dried lemon that I got from my grandfather when I was kid. I had so much trouble understanding how that hard, dried up thing could ever have been a lemon. The seeds inside rattle like a maracas.
And one of the old ashtray with the naked mermaid in the middle surrounded by all my favourite little odd trinkets, brooches and whatnot.
Two of my work spaces at home.
One showing my desk, where I'm sitting right this moment, with my new beautiful chalkboard wall decal bought from the etsy shop Brown Shades. I'm a little bit confused with the whole Sunday to Saturday week design and really didn't know that this was a thing before a year ago maybe. Why on EARTH would you want your week to start on a sunday? It just feels so WRONG. Even though I'm working weekends and week nights and usually have no idea whatsoever what day of the week it is this still makes me all mad. Knowing what day of the week it is was the whole plan with buying one of these things in the first place! I hope I get used to it, because I really love it otherwise. Click for better photo of the decal.
And one photo of my other, more relaxed work space: the sofa! Where I sat the other day working on a huge Tangled Triangle necklace while drinking tea and eating fruit salad.
Two of me photographed by David.
One from our day at Antikhallarna.
and one from yesterday when the sun was shining all over the place and I decided it was spring (at least for the day) so I ignored the strong winds and dressed in my vintage velvet jacket for the first time this year. Today it's back to the gloomy miserable raining again though.
Well, that was all from me today. I have plans of tea, sofa and jewelry making the rest of this evening.
Hope your week started in the best way (if you count your week starting on Monday because if you're one of those weird ass people counting it from Sunday I really don't understand you).
Two from when we drove to Österlen last week and the roads were dusted with wispy snow flowing in every direction and the trees only had snow on one side of their trunks.
Two extra luxurious breakfasts. One at Café Kagan where we always go when we're visiting Simrishamn, and one consisting of the delicious cardemom buns I made for David on his birthday the 21st.
Two self portraits taken with self timer (using the TimerApp).
One in the staircase at my work waiting for David to come pick me up after an evening shift, and one in my work room on the day when we came back to Gothenburg after our Österlen visit.
Today we found out the finalists in the Bloody Cuts film challenge and sadly our Lights out is not one of them. Our favourite one "Cut" was though so Congrats to the people behind that one, and to the other five too of course! It was very fun to be a part of this and hopefully we are still in the running for the other categories they plan to give prizes in.

I have been working all weekend and have a couple of days off now so I feel like it's friday today. Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be and if not: here's to a fantastic new week!
Hej hej!
I'm having a few days of working from home wearing comfy clothes, drinking lots of tea, making jewelry and almost never leaving the couch. I have been dreaming of this the last week or so, just really wanting the calm productiveness that I need to have in my life.
Today David helped me with taking some really cool photos and I hope to be back tomorrow with a big post showing you what I've been up to.
Until then, here's a Two Two Two for you!

Two views from close to my work that made me stop and snap a photo.
The first one was taken one early morning (after a night shift at my job at a group home) when I almost missed my bus because of this photo and the second one just before a work shift in the afternoon when the sun painted Gothenburg in silhouette.
Two photos of a necklace in progress.
The first showing a half finished necklace held over the table filled with tea and stuff that I need to work, and then the second photo is of the almost finished necklace piece.
Two of me wearing the very first of my Tangled Triangle Necklaces.
The first photo was taken the day after I made the necklace and the second one was taken today during the photoshoot I talked about earlier in this post.
I have been editing photos today and I really can't wait to show them to you! But not until tomorrow...
I can tell you this though: it's going to be quite dramatic and Rita Hayworth-y.

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