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Time for another Two Two Two (with bonus Two Two and Two) because it was just too long ago, right?

Two self portraits of me dancing in the evening sun:
One from an angle making it look Oh so picturesque, and one from another angle featuring a very sceptic cat and the husband being all important talking to Hollywood while I'm dancing merrily.
Two of me wearing my new (to me) vintage red dress:
One with my arms down, and one with my arms up (in a silent "Bring on the party invitations-pose")
Two particularly tasty meals.
One breakfast at Tjörn island, and one "lunch" at the all you can eat cookie buffet Café Annorlunda.
Two from the harbour fest in the little fishing village Vik:
One of David and me watching the party in full swing, and one just before dark when the harbour looked almost like a painting.
Two of the spectacular view of Stenshuvud:
One before the sunset, and one during the sunset.
Two self portraits wearing all thrifted clothing:
One in a black shirt thrifted in Copenhagen and a skirt with buttons all the way from the floor to the waist, and one in a 90's coral H&M dress (that might have been made for a less busty lady than me, but hey! I dont care! I'm making bulging buttons a thing this season, remember where you read it first, everybody!) (Oh, and Bulging Buttons is definitely going to be the name of my future feminist punk rock band. Anyone who wants to join?)

So, I've been a no show here for the last week. Sorry for that! But I had to cuddle with Astor the Cat, smell the ocean, play yatzee with my parents, eat all the cookies, buy every vintage dress and walk hand in hand with David in gorgeous settings.
I'm back now though!

So talk to you soon again, and until then:

Time for a Two Two Two (+ bonus Two Two because I'm the worst at limiting myself).

Two of extreme green:
One from a walk into town through a lovely green park, and one from an evening run over the cemetery when it was finally raining after a few days of complete headache infusing heat wave.
Two things I ate:
One home made noodle soup that tasted a little bit like heaven, and one slice of cake eaten at work a saturday while the half marathon Göteborgsvarvet was going on right below the balcony.
Two of me wearing the same vintage dress while doing the same very relaxed pose.
One with mustard yellow socks and sunglasses and one without the mustard yellow socks and sunglasses. It's all in the details, folks.
Two still life photos with my grandmothers old scarf as background:
One with a very fragile leaf, and one with one of the Leaf pendants from my new collection.
Two pictures of parts of my forever growing vintage porcelain collection:
One of the kitchen cabinet with all my many teacups and one of the shelves containing some of my teapots. Yes, SOME. I'm clearly a tea pot addict.
Two of me on my way to vote.
One of me sniffing the rhododendron and one with a smile as wide as my face.
Like most of you probably now, yesterday was the big election for the European Parliament. As a very proud and loud feminist I was so happy to see that the wonderful feminist party F! got seats in the parliament but at the same time there's such a wave of sadness and fear because of the many racist- and nazi parties that also made their way into EU. I just can't understand how it all seems to happen again, that these hateful, ignorant and extremely stupid people get so many votes. Haven't we learned from the past? Are people really this stupid?
I hope what we see now is the last kick and that it will turn soon because we need more love, equality and acceptance in this world, not more hate, closed mindedness and bigotry.

Well, that was all from me today. I hope to blog soon again because a week inbetween posts is just not okay, right?

Hello Hello!
Today I just couldn't limit myself to only a Two Two Two so here's a Two Two Two Two Two (phew...) for you!

Two from a Gothenburg walk when it was a particularly nice weather.
One of a canal close to our apartment, and one of the controlled chaos that is Gothenburg.
Two self portraits in bathrooms.
One at home on a regular evening, and one in a roadside restroom on our way to Copenhagen last friday.
Two times fika.
One from an afternoon of jewelry making with everything I need: persimon,kiwi and licorice ferrari cars, and one from yesterday at the wonderful book café Paludan in Copenhagen.
Two of me in my best vintage velvet jacket.
One in colour and long hair, and one in black and white with my hair in a bun.
Two of us taken with the TimerCam.
One from our picnic the other day, and one from our hotel room in Copenhagen.

We just returned from a weekend in Copenhagen. Our original plan was to go to Berlin for a week but we realised that there just wasn't enough time and money for that so we quickly changed plans and went to Copenhagen over the weekend instead, and it was so lovely! We ate and slept and went for long walks and I have gazillion photos to prove it. I'll show you, in a few days, I promise!

Until then:

It's been more than a week of internet madness and I longed for some regular blogging again. I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately, my camera has been collecting dust and my phone is filled with screen dumps of hilarious/sweet/amazing/stupid/weird/awesome comments from all over the internet regarding Lights Out. I might return with another post like the one I did last tuesday.
Lights Out has now gone so viral that we no longer have any clue of it's life in cyberspace. It's making friends with (and scaring the hell out of) people all over the world. I've mentioned the Reaction Videos before but OMG it's such a wonderful thing! Even though some are made in languages that we don't understand a word of the beauty with this kind of film (horror) is that the facial expressions are universal. A scared jump and a loud scream is like the biggest present to us. Yes, creepy, I know but it really is the perfect way of seeing that our work is affecting people.
Everything is still happening so fast that we have no clue of what, and if, this will lead to anything in the future, but THANK YOU internet for doing this crazy thing and changing our lives in so many ways.

Back on track now! I know there's a lot of new people here and Two Two Two is one of the recurring kind of posts I make on this blog.
Let's start then, shall we?

Two views of Gothenburg.
One that I took today while in town, and one from an evening run over the cemetery close to where David and I live.
Two of me when I was just a cute little child.
One of me on my fathers shoulders, and one of me posing for the camera like I was born to do it. (And look at that hat!) These were sent to me by our family friend Lisa who just found these slides when she was looking through old boxes. I think they are so sweet!
Two self portraits.
One looking at people on the street below.
And one in our old and noisy elevator when my hair was having an especially good day. Not like when I was the monster in Lights Out...
And for the people checking out my site for the first time: Hi! I'm Lotta, natural born red head living in Gothenburg, making jewelry, taking photos, making movies and writing scripts with my husband, acting in a theatre group, being an expert on popping popcorn in a pan and making the perfect pot of tea, getting very excited of the small things in life, dreaming of one million things and mixing it all into what is me.
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