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Well hello hello hello! Look what's back on!
My good old blog series Postcard of the Week has been sorely missed by myself and I have no real reason for it totally disappearing for such a long time. It just happened.
But now it's back!
It's not like I stopped collecting weird/funny/beautiful vintage postcards since the last time so I have A LOT to show you.

This is one of the beautiful and weird ones, for sure.
I found this in a strange shop in Los Angeles when we were there a year and a half ago.

I find it so intriguing. Everything is so perfect. The house is SO exact. So strict. Nothing smooth about it. And the little family infront of it. The woman in black, the mother if I should guess, is she a widow? Dressed in black after her evil husband died and left behind enough money for her to buy this hideous house. Or was this her prison and now, when her husband is gone she can finally take her child and dog and get the hell out of there. "But wait! Just one last photo for remembering that the bad things are behind us now."
Now let's tear the place down!

What do you think? What's the story behind this spooky old photo?

It feels so good to be back with Postcard of the Week again. I hope you too like seeing the return of one of my absolute longest running blog series.

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Just laying here, casually reading, in the grass with my big bow on top of my head.
Det blev en bloggpaus utan att det var meningen. Kanske behövdes det, vad vet jag. Men nu, NU är jag tillbaks!
Veckans vykort fyndades på någon Österlen-loppis förstås.
Jag gillar hennes stil. Piffad till tänderna med en rosett som av storleken att döma skulle kunna döda vilken normalklen nacke som helst. Ett solparaply käckt slängt över axeln har hon också. Det kan ju behövas när man ligger i buskarna och läser en god bok.
Men en sak oroar mig lite; hur många gräsfläckar har hon fått på kjolen och jackan nu när hon verkar ha glömt filten hemma?
It turned out to be some sort of unexpected blog pause here. I don't really know why but maybe I needed it. Who knows. But now I'm back again!
This Postcard of the week was thrifted at a flea market at Österlen a while ago.
I like her style. All dressed up and with a bow on the head that looks like it could kill any poor old neck with it's weight. And she's got a sun umbrella over her shoulder as well. Very important for a reading session in the bushes.
One thing worries me though; how many grass stains has she gotten on her skirt and jacket now that she seems to have forgotten her blanket at home?
I don't remember where I got this but it was definitely on a fleamarket somewhere (like all of my postcards).
I think it's such a pretty, yet kind of strange, picture. It looks almost like a painting but I believe it's a photo that's been colourized. The blurriness and colours sort of blend together in a mish mash and it really reminds me of how summer in Sweden is like. A million blends of green.
Don't you just want to sit on the bench under that tree and soak it all in? I sure do.
Det här vykortet har jag tittat på hur många gånger som helst och tänkt att det skulle bli Veckans vykort. Men så har jag skjutit lite på det, tagit ett annat istället. De här barnen visar upp alla känslor som finns. Flickan med den mörka hatten på den bakre raden, hon ser inte alls glad ut. Hon ser faktiskt rent förtvivlad ut. Flickan nedanför henne, hon i prickig klänning, har däremot det mest sagolika uttryck man kan tänka sig. Och titta på pojken längst fram till höger som sitter rakryggad och stolt. På andra sidan sitter en annan grabb som drar benen mot kroppen, han är lite rädd tror jag.
Vilka är de här barnen? De är smutsiga och deras kläder är mer eller mindre slitna. Jag tänker mig att de är barnhemsbarn men varför skulle de hamna på ett vykort? Ett kort som dessutom verkar vara ett foto av ett foto om man ser till den sneda svarta kanten.
Jag får så mycket tankar kring det här kortet och ena sekunden skrattar jag för att de är så spjuveraktiga, och andra sekunden ger de ledsna ansiktena mig ont i hjärtat.
Och vad kan det vara för papper som den bestämda pojken i mitten håller i?

Vad tror ni? Vad får ni för tankar?
I have looked at this postcard so many times thinking it was time to make this the Postcard of the week. But then I always choose another one instead. Because these children show the entire spectrum of feelings.
The girl with the dark hat in the back row is not happy at all. She is miserable actually. The middle girl in the polka dot dress however is giving us the most fabulous smile you could ever think of. And look at the boy to the far right in the front row sitting there all upright and proud. The boy on the other side pulls his knees close to his body. He is scared, I think.
Who are these children? They are dirty and their clothes are more or less rugged. I'm thinking they might be from an orphanage but why would they end up in a postcard if that is the case? A card that actually seems to be a photo of a photo to judge by the black slanted angle.
I'm struck with so many feelings from this card and on one hand I'm laughing because they look so mischievous and on the other hand their sad faces makes my heart ache.
And what is that paper the boy in the middle is carrying?

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this photo?
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