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Hello hello!

So finally I can show you the photos from the photoshoot David and I did last week.
I had been working on a very large necklace and was thinking about how I wanted to show it in photos. It needed to be very fancy since the necklace is far from an everyday piece, and I wanted the sharp, intricate shapes of it to really stand out.
As in the photos for my first Tangled Triangle necklaces I wanted to go for the old times movie actress/diva look because I think the clash between that soft, flirty and composed feeling makes a really interesting background to the wild and strong expression of the necklaces.
This time I really wanted to turn myself into one of those old time diva ladies and not be afraid of crossing the line of my own comfort zones.
Let me explain; I feel quite safe infront of the camera most of the time. I have easy to smile and goof around and think it's really fun to be able to showcase my own jewelry from time to time. But here I wanted to go a little bit further and forget about "me" and become a full blown Rita Hayworth-y persona oozing of strength, playfulness and a "I don't care what you think of me" atitude and just own the photoshoot.

We needed two photoshoots to get that because the first day just didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. I was still just me and the composition of the photos wasn't at all what I wanted.
When David and I work together like this it's really a collaboration. He sets the light, I plan out the photos and we talk about how I want the necklaces to be positioned in the frame. Then he takes a few photos, we look through them together and from there we know what works and what doesn't.
It takes a while, but it's so fun, and so rewarding when I later sit down to edit the photos and realise I've been a part of all the aspects from making the jewelry piece, planning the photoshoot, modeling the necklace, taking photos of it and editing it into what you see here now.
A clash between two strong extremes: The old timey movie diva and the sharp and wild necklaces that make The Tangled Triangle series.
All of these are listed in the shop and you can click the links under the photos to get to each necklace.
The very large, grey necklace is just amazing and took me over 12 hours to finnish and is made of more than 6 metres of wire.
There are no two alike so wearing a Tangled Triangle Necklace is wearing a piece of art around your neck.
This lady has been one busy bee lately being model, jewelry artist and photoshoot boss ALL IN ONE.
I have SO MANY photos to show you and I just can't believe how lovely they turned out!
David took the photos and he was so great, because the pics from the first day of shooting just didn't turn out the way I wanted them to and I asked if he could help me re-do it all the day after, and I am so glad we did!
I'm mashing a Rita Hayworth-y, dramatic glamoury feel with my sharp yet wild Tangled Triangle Necklaces and I think the combo is working!

Or what do you say? Are you excited to see the rest of the photos? Because they will be here soon. I'd say monday or tuesday, so stay tuned!
Time for a shop update after the holidays. I made quite a few pieces before christmas that have been lying here waiting to be photographed. Earlier in the week I started the work of taking photos of them all and listing them in the shop one after the other.
It always feels so good to fill up the shop with new jewelry pieces after a busy time. Here's a few photos of the new stuff that you can find in my etsy shop right now.

I have been working the entire weekend at my other job, still feeling a little bit under the weather. I hope to shake off the last bits of the cold in the coming days with lots of tea and sit dancing in my desk chair. On that note: One of my favouite tea cups started to squeek and crackle today! It's a very large cup and was filled with several deciliters of tea and I noticed that it was a huge crack around the handle. So scary to think if that steaming hot tea would have sploshed all over me if the handle had broke!
I definitely need a new teacup. Yes, I like to see the good in everything.

Hej hej!
Being busy made me forget to take photos because never before has my iPhone album been so empty (Empty might be an exaggeration. There's still 1060 photos in there...)
But! There have been some moments worth documenting so let's take a look, shall we?
As my birthday gift my mother and I went on a fleamarket spree and I got this beautiful teapot. I have at least nine teapots already but since I broke one a week earlier I thought it was OK for me to get a new one...
Oh, and this is dinner for me. Popcorn and tea. There's nothing better.
One day I rearranged my side of our work room. It solved a lot of problems so I'm very happy with the result.
David and I went to Österlen and it was cold as heck in the house!
I made a fruit plate that looked and tasted amazing.
We ate roasted tomato soup and garlic bread while it was storming outside.
One day I woke up to this gorgeous light. It had been rainy and stormy the entire week so this was such a nice change!
It was quite cold that one day. This winter has been SO weird. It's like spring outside and two days ago I saw a Magnolia tree ready to burst out in flowers. I started yelling at the buds "STAY STILL IT'S STILL WINTER YOU FOOLS!"
We found a spooky tree and an INCREDIBLE view.
We also found an over cuddly kitten.
The day we went back to Gothenburg it was foggy.
Midnight picnic on the floor with tea and shortbread working on a flowery GIF.
The week before Christmas I attended the Christmas fair in the mall Nordstan. Here you can see me hiding from customers. No, not really. I was putting things like bags and ribbons and boxes under the table since that was my storage room of sorts.
All the jewelry displayed and ready!
On december 22 it was my last day at the christmas fair and it was David's and my 7 year anniversary. We went for a meal at a nice restaurant and on our way home we kissed in the elevator.
The rest of the night it was packing and fixing mayhem in our work room. The day after we drove to our families and left it all like this to deal with after the holidays. It was reeeally nice to leave it there but not so great to come home to. It's all gone now though.
Alfred and Astor the cat getting to know eachother.
I was working the entire night on New years eve so David and I celebrated a day early. It actually felt like New Years for real. We toasted on our balcony at midnight and watched Fireworks on my phone.
I started the year with being sick in some kind of cold. After staying inside recovering for a few days it was nice to get outside for a walk. We went to the cemetery where it was rainy and sombre and spooky. Just the way I like it.

See you soon again!

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