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In today's episode of A Whole Lotta Christmas Perky and Grumpy is spending the evening playing cards. Uh oh!
Today's episode is another favourite of mine, I think. It was super fun to film and I think it turned out really nice!
OH! And now we're halfway through this advent calender!

Second day in a row that I draw inspiration from real life.
Yesterday I was at work from super early in the morning and went straight to the doctor's office and ended up fainting during the bloodtests. I just really don't like when they take my blood. I got a lollipop from the nurse though, so that was nice.
When I got home I sat like this in the sofa when I really needed to think of a plot to film for A Whole Lotta Christmas! So I decided to make today's episode about that. Haha, sometimes life really is good inspiration.
And then I went to bed and slept like a log.
First time since we came back from LA two weeks ago! Hurrah! GOODBYE JETLAG!
Oh, and about LA! I have a couple of posts about what we did there but, you know, TIME!
Hopefully I'll get to it soon though, because I really have lots to show you.


Today's episode is based on a true story...
Grumpy is seeing double today. Or is she?

Heh, this might be my favourite so far...

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