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I mentioned in saturdays blog post that I was going to a big fleamarket on sunday and I thought I should show you what I found.
Two soup bowls that the seller bought in Paris. Glass marbles (to put into my Cage pendants). Two different glass decanters (I have a special project in mind for these. I'll show you all in time). The one in the front is a "Jungfru" (Maiden) designed by swedish designer Signe Persson-Melin. The back one is from IKEA's handmade line.
And then a purple dotted scarf. I love how it's so big for that kind of scarf. It's really hard to find and I'm always searching because I'm a scarf junkie as well as a porcelain junkie.
Wasn't supposed to buy more porcelain but these soup bowls were so pretty and too cheap to say no to. And they are excellent for tea as well (I tried that yesterday).
Lovely marbles! The larger ones are probably too big for necklace pendants but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
Love that there's handles on the sup bowls. So cute! By the way: In Sweden we call the cup handles ears. I just realised I don't know if that is the way you say it in english. Tried to google it but only found close up pictures of human ears. Gross.
What do you call the cup handle in your language? I'm curious!
I really look forward to seeing my project with these decanters come to life.

Oh yeah: David bought something too...
A rusty old axe!

He's one weird guy, my David. But not so weird.
He's planning on maybe using it as a prop in a scary movie.
I hope you're having a nice sunny tuesday. I'm off to meet a friend for lunch before work.
Wearing the purple scarf, actually.

By for now!
The other day I couldn't bare to see the mess in my window sill anymore.
As long time readers of this blog are well aware of, I collect pretty things and arrange them into even prettier still life displays in my work room's window sill. It's a hobby, a way to be creative, a drug (yeah, it's basically hoarding, I know).
Lately there haven't been any of the usual lovely well organized clusters of stuff, but a complete disarray of dusty things cluttering the space.
One thing I really love about dusting off and re-organizing my knick knacks is that I get to really look at them, remember where I found/bought/got the items and what they mean to me.
All cleaned and waiting to be re-organized.
See more of the teeny tiny dictionary here.
Dusty but pretty. I bought the brown brooch on Portobello road a year ago.
I found the beautiful pocket watch on a flea market in Nice and for a month it didn't work but then suddenly, on midsummer's eve, it started all by itself!
I wrote about that in this post.
The little brush is actually a Moustache brush in silver. My grandfather gave it to me for fun when I was a little girl. It has the words Minne af E.E (translates to In memory of E.E) engraved on top of it. I think E.E was an old relative of mine but I'm not sure.
Kind of interesting that people used to engrave a brush made to groom your moustache. Today's plastic grooming products just aren't the same...
I made the metal tin in school when I was 13, I think. It's where I put coins from the different countries I visit.
I love old cigarette cases in silver. As I don't smoke I use them as business card cases instead. Or just to look at. Here's a post from when I found these ones
The little aluminium pill tin is another gift from my grandfather. The aluminium creates dots on the pills if you use it for what it's actually for, so I use it for nothing instead. It's pretty, though.
Treasures from South Africa. I love seed pods so so so much!!
And the key is for the desk I'm sitting infront of right now. It keeps falling to the ground all the time so now I have included it in my window sill installation instead.
This is how to use an ashtray. There's no better way really.

And of course it needs to have boobs.
I love that little brooch with the sad and grim looking lady. I found her on a flea market and wrote a bit about her in this post.

I could have written about each and every item here but it would have gone on forever and ever so if there is something you're interested in knowing the story behind, just write in the comments and I will answer there.

And just so you know. I will collect knick knacks for as long as I live and I will most definitely blog about my finds for an equally long time so prepare for more posts like this in the future.
Click on the pic for larger!
One thing I really love about travelling is bringing home souvenirs from the countries or cities I visit. And not the expensive touristy stuff, but the things you can find if you look around you. On the ground, hanging in the trees.
My current obsession is different kinds of seed pods. I just think they are really beautiful.
Imagine the happy look on my face when I realised that South Africa is literally covered with seed pods!
I searched high and low for the really large ones after seeing one as decoration in a shop only to find out that the bride to be, Sydafrika, has a tree full of them in her garden!
I even got the rest of the guests to have their eyes open for me during the week.
Kind of reminds me of when I was a little girl and went to summer camp and got a diploma for being the Best treasure seeker of the camp (Lägrets Sakletare). Let me tell you, there where no other contestants in that category. They made it up to make me happy because I was all miserable and wanted to go home to my parents. I saw through the white lie but didn't care because I knew I was the best Sakletare around and I certainly owned that title!
And this time I got to be the best Sakletare of South Africa!
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Just laying here, casually reading, in the grass with my big bow on top of my head.
Det blev en bloggpaus utan att det var meningen. Kanske behövdes det, vad vet jag. Men nu, NU är jag tillbaks!
Veckans vykort fyndades på någon Österlen-loppis förstås.
Jag gillar hennes stil. Piffad till tänderna med en rosett som av storleken att döma skulle kunna döda vilken normalklen nacke som helst. Ett solparaply käckt slängt över axeln har hon också. Det kan ju behövas när man ligger i buskarna och läser en god bok.
Men en sak oroar mig lite; hur många gräsfläckar har hon fått på kjolen och jackan nu när hon verkar ha glömt filten hemma?
It turned out to be some sort of unexpected blog pause here. I don't really know why but maybe I needed it. Who knows. But now I'm back again!
This Postcard of the week was thrifted at a flea market at Österlen a while ago.
I like her style. All dressed up and with a bow on the head that looks like it could kill any poor old neck with it's weight. And she's got a sun umbrella over her shoulder as well. Very important for a reading session in the bushes.
One thing worries me though; how many grass stains has she gotten on her skirt and jacket now that she seems to have forgotten her blanket at home?
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