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Before this spring has run away from us completely I thought it would be nice to show some glimpses of what I've been up to while enjoying the wonderful season.
Theatre reheasals with Teater Esther usually happens in a very cold house but since we are in the beginning of our new production we could read our play on the grass one beautiful evening. This year we are making our own play for the first time and our director Frida has been the one writing it. This particular evening we read the complete play from start to finish for the very first time and it felt wonderful! This is going to be so much fun!
From left to right. Frida, Matilda and Lisa.
When it was time to say goodbye the sun had set beautifully behind the trees and bushes.
It was one of those evenings when you walk home completely giddy with feelings of anticipation and joy.
At the end of April it was Beckas birthday! She is one of my best friends and we've known eachother for a very long time.
As you can see she got a Lime Leaf necklace pendant from my new Leaf Collection. She's the only one who owns one of these yet so consider this is a little sneak peek of what's to come in my shop soon.
Picnic on the top of the park Redbergsparken with this amazing view was such a perfect way to celebrate a spring birthday.
Improvised table for a wine glass...
The most tasty chocolate mint cake ever.
Last saturday I met up with my sister Sara who was in town over the weekend with her kids Hilda and Alfred. The teddy bear got to ride on Hilda's shoulders when we went to a fleamarket.
Hot dog lunch break after some great fleamarket shopping.
On the tram back into town. Teddy had injured an arm, Hilda comforts him.
And one evening David and I ate thai food at a restaurant that almost made us feel like we surely must have left Sweden for Thailand.
Oh, and a quick reminder that today is the last day to use coupon code SPRINGTIME14 over at for 15% off your entire order! Hop on over and snag yourself something pretty!

Today David and I are going to the theatre to watch the new Godzilla movie. Yesterday I heard so many people say it's utter crap so my expectations are not very high (more like below the lowest of low). But it's always nice to sit in the dark theatre holding hands with David, and the walk to and from the theatre always seem to inspire interesting and fun conversations so I'm at least going to enjoy that.

Hope your thursday is a great one too.

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So this is what I've been up to lately.
I've been making jewelry late into the night:
I've taken still life pictures of new jewelry pieces and pretty things:
I've looked in awe at my mango plant that was NOTHING two weeks ago but a fairly large seed in some soil, and now it looks like this! We're talking the long leafed plant in the middle that looks almost exactly like an avocado plant if you happen to know how those look like and thought to yourself "hey that's an avocado plant!" Then I can assure you: it is not. It's a mango that I ate a month ago then relieved the seed from inside the large core, planted it in a pot and watched as nothing happened for about two weeks and then BAM! Everything happened in no time at all! I'm amazed.
I've also been really happy lately that the seed pod I found on the ground in South Africa a couple of years ago turned out to be a Jacaranda tree (if my googling skills are right, which of course they are) and is growing nicely in my kitchen window.
I've been taken self portraits with the TimerCam app again and turned them into black and white dramatic photos:
I've been out running in the evenings and marvelled over our neighbourhood trees as they have been exploding in green leaf loveliness.
I have ventured into japanese recipes and cooked a couple of lovely noodle soups. This is going to be a thing this season in the Losten/Sandberg household, for sure! So tasty!
I've rediscovered my vintage fruit bowl scarf. It's a huge, soft, colourful scarf with fruit all over it. I love it like it was new every single year (I've had it for over ten years now) and it's definitely one of my favourite thrifting finds.
And that was all from me today.
Hope you're having a nice start of the week. I'm all confused about the week days since I've been working all weekend. But that is normal for me, no clue of what day of the week it is.
Monday! Off to theatre rehearsals!

Hello Hello!
Today I just couldn't limit myself to only a Two Two Two so here's a Two Two Two Two Two (phew...) for you!

Two from a Gothenburg walk when it was a particularly nice weather.
One of a canal close to our apartment, and one of the controlled chaos that is Gothenburg.
Two self portraits in bathrooms.
One at home on a regular evening, and one in a roadside restroom on our way to Copenhagen last friday.
Two times fika.
One from an afternoon of jewelry making with everything I need: persimon,kiwi and licorice ferrari cars, and one from yesterday at the wonderful book café Paludan in Copenhagen.
Two of me in my best vintage velvet jacket.
One in colour and long hair, and one in black and white with my hair in a bun.
Two of us taken with the TimerCam.
One from our picnic the other day, and one from our hotel room in Copenhagen.

We just returned from a weekend in Copenhagen. Our original plan was to go to Berlin for a week but we realised that there just wasn't enough time and money for that so we quickly changed plans and went to Copenhagen over the weekend instead, and it was so lovely! We ate and slept and went for long walks and I have gazillion photos to prove it. I'll show you, in a few days, I promise!

Until then:
The past three days have been all rain and fog here in Gothenburg but before that we had a few wonderfully sunny days. We haven't really had the time for anything except focusing on the Lights Out madness lately so a sushi picnic in the park was a much needed break.
We got sushi from Ai and coffee and croissants from a nearby coffee place and then we made our way to the sun, trees, and grass.
Outside the fish shop. We weren't the only hungry ones around.
It takes some concentration...
Such a happy lady!
View infront of us.
View to the right.
Oh, David! You try to look tough but you're not fooling anyone...
... because look at you. Flowery beard and everything. The prettiest of them all.
Hi again! My favourite vintage dress of all time got its season premiere that day. I will NEVER get tired of this dress!
When the afternoon started to feel a bit cold we folded up the blanket and made our way back again.
I now declare the picnic season officially open.

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