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I mentioned in saturdays blog post that I was going to a big fleamarket on sunday and I thought I should show you what I found.
Two soup bowls that the seller bought in Paris. Glass marbles (to put into my Cage pendants). Two different glass decanters (I have a special project in mind for these. I'll show you all in time). The one in the front is a "Jungfru" (Maiden) designed by swedish designer Signe Persson-Melin. The back one is from IKEA's handmade line.
And then a purple dotted scarf. I love how it's so big for that kind of scarf. It's really hard to find and I'm always searching because I'm a scarf junkie as well as a porcelain junkie.
Wasn't supposed to buy more porcelain but these soup bowls were so pretty and too cheap to say no to. And they are excellent for tea as well (I tried that yesterday).
Lovely marbles! The larger ones are probably too big for necklace pendants but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
Love that there's handles on the sup bowls. So cute! By the way: In Sweden we call the cup handles ears. I just realised I don't know if that is the way you say it in english. Tried to google it but only found close up pictures of human ears. Gross.
What do you call the cup handle in your language? I'm curious!
I really look forward to seeing my project with these decanters come to life.

Oh yeah: David bought something too...
A rusty old axe!

He's one weird guy, my David. But not so weird.
He's planning on maybe using it as a prop in a scary movie.
I hope you're having a nice sunny tuesday. I'm off to meet a friend for lunch before work.
Wearing the purple scarf, actually.

By for now!
Hey hey!
So I'm here to show you the last blog post with photos from our trip to the States.
A few days in pictures. Here we go!
Before we went to USA I googled a lot to find good fleamarkets in the LA area. One of them was the weekly event Melrose Trading Post. So on our last sunday David and I went there.
We were early.
But the place was soon a thriving market place with lots of stuff!
Why, hello there lady!
David found some camera lenses and we tried them out on my camera. It was not a perfect fit but I kind of like the effect. They were good for David's camera though so he bought them. I might have to borrow them sometime in the future...
Putting Josh Ritter in place.

(Can you spot us?)
Sneaky view of the Hollywood sign behind dumpsters, houses and wires. We lived right behind these houses.
When we went to LA I told myself that I wasn't going to take the "typical Hollywood sign tourist photo". This photo and the one under this one is more my style. Sneaking up in the backround, sort of.
Cactus in between houses.
Wires and palm trees against the sky.
And lowering my camera to look straight ahead. Hollywood is all things crammed together.
Our street.
On our last day in LA we found Souplantation. Why oh why didn't we know about this place earlier?! I would have eaten there at least two more times. This place has a gigantic sallad buffet and lots of different soups, breads, cookies and frozen yoghurt. Buffet style. I almost died.
(And they gave us free cookies that I ate on the plane home.)
In the evening we walked past The Scientology Celebrity Centre. LA sure loves their Scientologists. They're everywhere. And they got a large castle.
This was our destination. The theatre Upright Citizens brigade. On tuesdays they tape the podcast Doug Loves Movies that David is a big fan of. I listen to it sometimes too and we actually went there the week before too and it was so funny we had to go the last day as well. I think I laughed non stop for an hour.
But first we stood in line for about an hour. Lotta standing in line with a camera. Pointing it everywhere around her shooting pictures. Yeah.
So of course there was a photo of David's hand.
After the podcast taping we went to the sushi place next door. I believe this is some kind of sushi chain but we really really loved it. We ate there three times during the week in LA and it was so tasty and also very affordable.
And Mena Suvari was hanging out there one evening. I was only a bit star struck.

So, back to Sweden again. I'm working all weekend and tomorrow we're going to a large fleamarket with my job so that's great. Might bring my camera.
See you soon again!
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Woke up to a grey and misty morning, jumped into my clothes, ignored the gigantic tear in my stockings, swept some make up on my face, made my hair into a pretty bun on the top of my head, tied a ribbon underneath, chose some matching pair of earrings, hung the camera around my neck and flew down the stairs only 20 minutes after I've woken up. I'm just cool that way. A ninja with the super power of making myself dolled up in less than half an hour. Aw Yeaaah!

The reason for my morning eagerness? I was having a flea market date with my dear friend Becka, and my purse was filled with coins from the christmas fair that I re-discovered like a long forgotten treasure in a tin box the other day giving me the feeling of being all rich.
First stop was the flea market of Finska Pingstkyrkan (Finnish Pentecostal Church). It is a strange place. Mostly really ugly things but sometimes you'll find great stuff there super cheap.
It always smells horrible there because they serve boiled eggs and herring in the café there every saturday and apparently they're not fans of open windows or air condition...
Hej Kompis! (Hi buddy!)
Here you can see a blurry Becka inspecting a questionable bag while I hide among the coats.
I found a lovely lavender blue dress in a 60's style that I think was made by the previous owner. I love to find hand made stuff when I'm thrifting! It makes the clothes even more special in my opinion.
Becka found three gorgeous teacups that made me super jealous. Not that I need any more teacups, but still...
Next stop was Ungdomshjälpen (Youth help). Every time I walk in there I think that I'm going to buy lots of neat stuff but I NEVER find anything. Don't know why I bother coming back, really. I guess part of the reason is that it's really close to where I live. And the hope that I some day will find something amazing there.
After our little thrifting walk we walked past an impromptu christmas tree cemetery. And Babys legs. Apparently.
Found a cozy corner at the french coffee place.
Becka splitting a salmon sandwitch in two.
Half a salmon sandwitch and half a semla makes for a truly amazing fika .
Becka trying to pour coffee gracefully...
...but ending up giggling adorably half a second later.

We sat at the café for almost two hours talking about life, love, work and creativity and didn't say goodbye until we had marked a new date in our calenders.
Such a good way to spend a free saturday morning.
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The other day I couldn't bare to see the mess in my window sill anymore.
As long time readers of this blog are well aware of, I collect pretty things and arrange them into even prettier still life displays in my work room's window sill. It's a hobby, a way to be creative, a drug (yeah, it's basically hoarding, I know).
Lately there haven't been any of the usual lovely well organized clusters of stuff, but a complete disarray of dusty things cluttering the space.
One thing I really love about dusting off and re-organizing my knick knacks is that I get to really look at them, remember where I found/bought/got the items and what they mean to me.
All cleaned and waiting to be re-organized.
See more of the teeny tiny dictionary here.
Dusty but pretty. I bought the brown brooch on Portobello road a year ago.
I found the beautiful pocket watch on a flea market in Nice and for a month it didn't work but then suddenly, on midsummer's eve, it started all by itself!
I wrote about that in this post.
The little brush is actually a Moustache brush in silver. My grandfather gave it to me for fun when I was a little girl. It has the words Minne af E.E (translates to In memory of E.E) engraved on top of it. I think E.E was an old relative of mine but I'm not sure.
Kind of interesting that people used to engrave a brush made to groom your moustache. Today's plastic grooming products just aren't the same...
I made the metal tin in school when I was 13, I think. It's where I put coins from the different countries I visit.
I love old cigarette cases in silver. As I don't smoke I use them as business card cases instead. Or just to look at. Here's a post from when I found these ones
The little aluminium pill tin is another gift from my grandfather. The aluminium creates dots on the pills if you use it for what it's actually for, so I use it for nothing instead. It's pretty, though.
Treasures from South Africa. I love seed pods so so so much!!
And the key is for the desk I'm sitting infront of right now. It keeps falling to the ground all the time so now I have included it in my window sill installation instead.
This is how to use an ashtray. There's no better way really.

And of course it needs to have boobs.
I love that little brooch with the sad and grim looking lady. I found her on a flea market and wrote a bit about her in this post.

I could have written about each and every item here but it would have gone on forever and ever so if there is something you're interested in knowing the story behind, just write in the comments and I will answer there.

And just so you know. I will collect knick knacks for as long as I live and I will most definitely blog about my finds for an equally long time so prepare for more posts like this in the future.
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